Stuffies are a special kind of stuffed animal designed by parents to teach children multiple values, such as kindness and tolerance, all while functioning as a best friend and storage chest. The cute and cuddly exterior is attractive for young children (and, let’s face it, you can’t resist their fluffy bodies and wide eyes), but the main philosophy behind Stuffies is to teach children that it’s what’s inside that counts—a concept represented by the pockets on the doll.



  1. Makes a great pal for your child
  2. Seven concealed pockets for storage
  3. Included book teaches moral lessons
  4. Washable


  1. Kids and Stuffies are inseparable
  2. So cute, they might tempt you into buying one for yourself

If there’s one thing to fall in love with about Stuffies (other than their cute and cuddly exterior, of course) it’s that they hold the ability to continuously surprise and entertain children. Seven secret pockets hidden on each Stuffie are perfect for hiding tiny surprises for little hands, such as candy and small trinkets. What’s not to love about a stuffed animal filled with goodies instead of fluff?

Stuffies are big enough to function as an overnight bag, as well. The largest pocket is large enough to hold a pair of pajamas, and the smaller pockets are just the right size for toothbrushes and other necessities, while still leaving plenty of room to pack toys.

Designed by parents who felt that there are too many forces influencing children today, Stuffies celebrate the meaning of “it’s what’s inside that counts”. Fill your Stuffie’s pockets with anything from toys to learning materials to clothes for your child to discover as they feed their curiosity for exploration.


These oversized stuffed animals have a personality of their own, making them the perfect candidate for a long-time pal for your child. Each animal represents a moral or value, making them figures that children will respect and want to imitate. Stuffies are constructed from ultra-soft plush, so they function as a pillow for long car-rides when they’re not so full of toys.

Each Stuffie doll comes with a free storybook that reinforces the moral that the stuffie represents. The stories promote wholesome values such as sharing, confidence, and kindness. Choose from any of the following characters:


Digger the Dog

Digger, the cuddly, beige dog whose storybook teaches kids how important and rewarding it is to include others in your activities.


Dash the Horse

Dash, the brave, brown horse teaches children about taking on responsibility. In her story book, she teaches kids how to enjoy doing daily tasks, such as chores.

bravo-bearBravo the Bear

Bravo, the big, brown bear is always there to lend encouragement. His story teaches a young athlete how to get their head in the game and believe in themselves.

stomper-dinosaurStomper the Dinosaur

Stomper the purple dinosaur teaches kids how important it is to work together and trust each other as they set off on a challenging hike.

bizzy-beeBizzy the Bee

Bizzy, the sweet, buzzing bee is always glad to help, and she teaches kids how fun it can be to volunteer.

scout-monkeyScout the Monkey

Scout the monkey keeps a watchful eye on kids, teaching and encouraging them to keep the playground safe for them and their playmates.

prancine-unicornPrancine the Unicorn

Prancine the purple unicorn inspires children to believe in magic, and her book teaches children how to believe in themselves as a young ballerina faces a daunting performance.

gracie-hippoGracie the Hippo

Gracie the hippo teaches children how to maintain confidence even under stress. Her story explores a stressful situation and demonstrates the importance of composure in spite of nervousness.

muddzie-pigMuddzie the Pig

Muddzie the pink pig knows that hard work and dedication is the best way to get a job done. Her story about how the power of teamwork and not being afraid to get dirty enables them to help the whole community and shows that hard work pays off.

shuffles-turtleShuffles the Turtle

Shuffles the patient green turtle teaches children the importance of maintaining discipline throughout our daily lives. In his story, he teaches an impatient girl to slow down, stay committed and take it easy.

sky-giraffeSky the Giraffe

Sky the yellow giraffe has big dreams. Her story book teaches a young boy courage, the importance of setting goals, and not being afraid to reach for them.

Still can’t choose? Stuffies has gift certificates available for the little one in your life. These cute certificates come with instructions on how to redeem them and pick the perfect pocketed companion. No matter what your child needs, there’s a perfect character out there for them.

Additional Stuffie accessories can be purchased from the manufacturer as a complimentary gift to stick inside of your doll. Each Stuffie comes with a free, surprise roll of stickers inside of them for your child to discover.

A 60 day money-back guarantee is included with each Stuffies purchase, in the rare event that you don’t absolutely fall in love with it.

And finally, here’s the Stuffies commercial you might have already seen on TV:

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  1. Bought this (the monkey stuffie) for my son for Christmas. Haven’t given it to him yet obviously, but its a high quality toy and I do not doubt this will be one of his favorite toys under the tree.

  2. Hello! I bought the pig,bear,dog,monkey,and bee for my grandchildren. They are VERY high quality and VERY cute!!! I haven’t given these to them yet though, it’s a surprise for the hotel were visiting! I think that they will work very well for our trip! THANK YOU STUFFIES!!!

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