StoneDine Cookware Review – Is There Anything Special About This Set?

StoneDine cookware is a pot and pan product line that specializes in stone-coated pots and pans for more efficient, healthy cooking. The products feature unique magnetic technology and micro particles of stone to create a pan that evenly maintains heat.

stonedine cookware


  • Promotes healthier cooking
  • Maintains even heat throughout cooking
  • Unique magnetic bottom
  • Easy to clean & Nonstick


  • Requires mild maintenance
  • Only available in one color scheme

stonedine-cookwareFor as long as I can remember, my mother has refused to cook food on any pan that isn’t cast iron or stoneware because of their ability to healthily cook food. She gave me a stoneware pot in my favorite color as a housewarming gift for my first apartment, which I instantly fell in love with. The downside to this was that cast iron pots and pans are ridiculously heavy, and the stove top is ceramic. I dropped the lid of that pot on the stove top, which shattered the cook surface and resulted in the whole unit needing to be replaced. Needless to say, since then, I’ve been afraid to put anything half as heavy on the stove, but I’ve missed how stoneware evenly heats cooking surfaces.

I heard about StoneDine cookware from a friend who, to be polite, has little to no cooking skills, but swore by them anyway, saying that they make her a good cook. Knowing that it would take a miracle of sorts for her to be a good cook, I did check the pots out, and while they’re certainly not performing miracles, they do give you a run for the money. Like traditional stoneware and cast iron, StoneDine pots evenly distribute heat throughout the entire dish so that there’s no loss of heat, hot spots, or cold spots during the cooking process, so you get an evenly cooked meal every time.

So, Why the StoneDine Cookware?

The secret behind StoneDine’s even heating is thousands of micro-particles of stone that coat the surface of the pan, ensuring it conducts heat the same way a solid stone pot would. The pots and pans have a unique stainless steel and magnetic bottom that circulates heat around the bottom of the pot, allowing it to evenly migrate upwards, cooking by induction and letting the pot maintain even heat as you cook.

stonedine cookware

stonedine-panThe even heat also reduces cooking time in comparison to standard aluminum and stainless steel pots. Instead of spending time rotating, shifting, and turning pieces of food, you can cook more efficiently knowing that the heat is doing its job and cooking your food thoroughly.

The stone covering also helps facilitate a completely non-stick surface, so you can reduce the amount of oil and fats you typically use to cook your food. As a result, you’ll end up with healthier food (less fat = healthier cooking), plus you’ll be able to truly taste your foods, because they won’t be drenched in unhealthy fats.

The surface of StoneDine pots and pans is scratch resistant, meaning that you won’t obtain scratches or worry about pieces of coating coming off and ending up in your food (a problem that many Teflon pots and pans face), even when your pan is hot. Of course, like with any proper cookware, proper care and usage will prolong the life of these pots. Keep in mind that these pots are coated, not solid, and if given enough abuse, will eventually tarnish. To keep them in top shape, do not clean with abrasive detergents, do not leave unattended on high heat for long periods, and do not expose to extreme temperatures.

These pots require moderate maintenance anyway, and it’s all due to their non-stick surface. Even if you’re melting cheese directly in the pot, these pans wipe clean with a damp sponge or paper towel (to prolong the life, do not place pots or pans in the dishwasher); no need to turn to scouring pads. In the event that something (like melted sugar) sticks to the pot, do not scrub vigorously. Instead gradually warm the pan up over low heat, wash with a gentle sponge and soap, and your pots will be good as new.

Final Thoughts

stonedine-utensilsHowever, like many conventional cast iron and stone ware pots, these pans do require seasoning between uses – a simple process that doesn’t require much in the ways of time or effort. Simply work a teaspoon of oil into the pots surface, and warm over low heat. This will lower the pans susceptibility to rust and other damage, and also ensure that the pans don’t become porous over time and stick to foods.

The 8-piece StoneDine pots and pans set includes 1 cooking pot, 1 sauce pan, 1 stew pot, 1 frying pan, 1 roasting pan and comes with three glass lids to fit the pots. All products are covered by a 12 year warranty. When ordered from the manufacturer’s official website, the pots and pans are available for a 30-day test period for just $29.95, plus an additional $27.75 for shipping and handling. The complete set is available for $299.97, plus an additional shipping and handling cost of $27.75.

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