Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review

Non-Stick Stone Wave Microwave Cookware

Nothing beats the taste of foods prepared in authentic stoneware crockery. But, up until now, this couldn’t be done inside a microwave oven. Telebrands Corp. has broken the mold with their revolutionary ceramic stoneware. These unique dishes are completely microwave safe, offer a comfort touch handle which never retains cooking heat, and ceramic is naturally non-stick. There’s no dangerous Teflon coatings, or any need to cook with oils or butter. The trick to the way the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker works is in the design of the dish. Each cooking dish features a round stone ware basin for the foods which evenly distributes the microwave heat. The lid is specifically designed to release heat. The result is foods infused with flavor, moistness, and nutrients. You can find Stone Wave Microwave Cookers on the official website at: With each order, you can get a second cooker completely free!

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker ReviewPROS:

  • Naturally Non-Stick Ceramic Stone Ware Cooking Surface
  • No Need For Oils, Fats or Butter to Prevent Sticking
  • Comfort Grip Handle Resists Cooking Heat
  • Convenient Size, up to Four Cookers Fit Inside a Standard Microwave
  • Completely Free Recipe Book Included With Dozens of Five-Minute Dishes
  • Order One, Get One Free


  • Only One Style and Size Currently Available

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker: What Is It?

We’ve all heard the health warnings of using Teflon coatings, and most major manufactures are switching to alternative non-stick coatings. However, there’s no need for a coating with all natural ceramic! Ceramic stone wear surfaces have always been naturally non-stick and completely healthy. The Stone Ware Microwave Cooker is dishwasher safe, and can go directly from the microwave to the table as serving ware. This attractive crockery brings to mind old Southwest pottery in rich earth tones with accents in deep lacquer. Each cookers unique style allows the heat of the microwave to distribute evenly, assuring all the flavor and nutrients of the foods are trapped inside. The dome shaped lid allows for the steam to escape through a chimney. The convenient small sizes allow for cooking an entire meal in the microwave at once, or four separate dishes. With every order placed, you receive a free cooker.

Stone Wave Review

How Well Does the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Work?

There are dozens of easy five-minute meals included in the free recipe book. The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker can cook to perfection an astonishing array of favorite foods in a matter of minutes. From delicate souffles to intricate casseroles and baked deserts, these cookers are guaranteed to please every member of your family. You can prepare party favorites such as cheese dip, three-bean dip, beef au jus sauce, and even hot wing dip. For a quick after school snack, kids will love a healthy apple bake, delicious twice-stuffed potatoes, or fun cheese and noodles. Up to four cookers can fit into a standard microwave at one time, so you can prepare an entire meal in five easy minutes! The heat resistant handle makes serving a snap and there’s no need for separate service dishes. The naturally non-stick ceramic stone ware surface makes clean up a breeze with just warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Potential Drawbacks of the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Large families may prefer larger cookers and currently, there is only one size and model available. The alternative is to buy multiple cookers, and Telbrands is currently offering a buy one get one free promotion. Up to four Stone Wave Microwave Cookers can fit inside a standard microwave oven, so multiple dishes or up to four dishes of the same foods can be prepared at the same time. With the ease of cleaning, dishwasher safe, non-stick surface, using multiple cookers has never been easier. Most customers take advantage of the current offer and purchase cookers in multiples.

Stone Wave Review

Is the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Right For You?

Almost anyone with a microwave can benefit from the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker. In as little as five minutes, you can enjoy the taste of authentic stoneware crockery from the convenience of your microwave. Casseroles, deserts, appetizers, and even sauces can be prepared in these uniquely designed cookers. Flavor is locked inside while steam escapes from the chimney in the domed lid. Dishwasher safe, cook and serve, and completely non-stick, these cookers are a great addition to any busy kitchen. From a single dish to an entire meal, the possibilities are limitless. College students are often not allowed anything but a microwave inside dorm rooms. These cookers would make excellent gifts, and give them the taste of home cooking that thy miss. Senior citizens who live alone and want a small meal would also benefit from these cookers. Children love the variety of tasty treats that can all be prepared at the same time. Adults love the easy non-stick clean up and health benefits of the stoneware ceramic surface.

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