Sobakawa Pillow Review – The Air Beads Cloud Pillow

The Sobakawa Pillow is an updated version of the buckwheat pillows that have been widely used in Asia for the past few centuries. This pillow is an affordable option for added comfort during sleep, and encourages better posture for a good night’s rest.

sobakawa cloud pillow


  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contours to any head shape
  • Never needs fluffing
  • Alleviates back and neck pain


  • May be a faint smell the first few days – use an air freshener or wash the pillow case and the smell will go away
  • You’ll wish they made mattresses like this (remember my Forever Comfy review?)
  • You’ll be tempted to stay in bed in the morning

sobakawa-pillowI don’t like pillows. Rather, I don’t like the ones that come stuffed with feathers and fluff. They’re either always soft enough to nearly consume my head, firm enough to pass as an extension of my mattress, or inadequately elevate my head (either too high or too low). They end up frustrating me more than they help, and in the summertime I just forsake them entirely.

If your frustration with traditional pillows hasn’t led you to give up on pillows entirely, it may be worth it to try the Sobakawa Pillow. Inspired by buckwheat pillows that have been used in oriental Asia for centuries, the Sobakawa pillow provides a more versatile form of support than pillows made with stuffing that is prone to compacting. Buckwheat hulls have been prized for their affinity to not compact – think how beanbag chairs remain beanbag-y for decades – and if something can remain so popular for so long, it’s got to work, right?

So, Why the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow?

The Sobakawa pillow is full of millions of micro-foam beads that shift to the contours of your head to support your head and neck while you sleep. No more collapsing into a sea of fluff—the Sobakawa pillow is guaranteed to adjust to your movements while you naturally move throughout your sleep. Feather pillows can retain allergens and cotton stuffed pillows may harbor dust and other nasty germs. The micro foam beads are guaranteed to do neither, making these pillows a great choice for allergy-prone and asthmatic people.

sobakawa cloud pillow

In addition to its ability to contour to any head shape, the pillow is contoured to better support the neck. Almost anyone can realize that the head and the neck do not need equal support, and oftentimes the edge of common pillows makes for an uncomfortable sleep. Other times, you head is probably on the edge of the pillow because the middle just isn’t a viable option if it will place the edge on your neck. The Sobakawa Pillow is cut to support the head without putting the neck in an uncomfortable position.


I don’t have enough hands to count all the times I’ve heard someone complain about stuffy, uncomfortable sleep. We can probably all relate to uncomfortable summer nights where pillows almost seem to suffocate us. The Japanese have a theory that for a good night’s sleep, your body’s extremeties should be warm, but your head should remain cool. Because the unique foam beads in the Sobakawa Pillow don’t compact, air is still allowed to pass through the pillow, so you’ll stay cool as you sleep. No more turning your pillow over for the cold side (because we all know that doesn’t exist in the summer time).

The Sobakawa Pillow encourages better sleep posture. Because it contours to your head shape, your body can relax and won’t have to compensate for strange neck angles. When your body is allowed to relax, you will begin to experience less back and neck pain, allowing you to have a more fulfilling sleep.

Although the pillow was modelled after buckwheat pillows, the brains behind this innovation chose to use foam beads because they allow and even encourage more air to flow between them and don’t stick to each other, unlike buckwheat hulls. As a result of this choice, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on clouds instead of a beanbag chair.

Maintaining the Sobakawa pillow is relatively easy: you don’t have to do anything. It’s advised not to wash the pillow itself to prevent the beads from clinging to one another, but each pillow purchased comes with a washable pillow case that perfectly fits the contours of the pillow.

Final Thoughts

sobakawa-pillow-reviewBecause of the moving beads in the pillow, it might take you a little while to get used to sleeping on it. However, once you discover the comfort they provide, it’s unlikely you’ll want to go back to your old pillow. Most people who try the Sobakawa pillow report feeling more well rested than they have in a long time, and also feel less pressure on the head during sleep.

The Sobakawa pillow is available in three convenient sizes—standard, full, and queen. They are available for $19.99 and an additional $7.95 for shipping, $29.99 + $9.95, and $39.99 + $12.95 respectively. When ordered from the official website, you can receive an additional standard sized Sobakawa pillow for just the price of shipping and handling.

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