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Home cooking is great but time-consuming. Sure, you can use gadgets such as food processors, but they are bulky, hard to clean and use electricity. Still, I enjoy making salads and sauces at home, so I just sucked up the inconvenience and used my knives and food processors when I felt like cooking.

Fortunately, a friend bought me a Slap Chop for Christmas, and now I’m hooked! I’m cooking more than ever, making healthy, delicious food for me and my family.

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How Slap Chop WorksSlap Chop Buy One Get One

Slap Chop is a self-contained food chopper. Just place food on a cutting board, “slap” the Slap chop on top and push the top lever down several times. SlapChop’s blades will chop and dice your food. For fine pieces, just continue chopping the food.

Best of all, Slap Chop is super easy to clean. While there are similar gadgets on the market, they are very hard to keep clean because their blades are completely enclosed. Slap Chop opens at the top, exposing the blades for thorough washing. This helps reduce the transfer of scents and tastes from one food to the next and also reduces the risk of food-borne illnesses.

What is Slap Chop Good For?

Slap Chop is great for chopping and dicing fruits, vegetables, cheeses and nuts. Even people who don’t have mad knife skills can create beautiful sauces, soups, salads and omelets

Even better, Slap chop can save you money that’s often spent on convenience foods. For example, it’s easy to mix up a tuna or egg salad by dicing up the solid ingredients together, scooping into a bowl, and then adding some mayo and/or mustard. Ice cream stores rip you off by charging as much as a dollar for toppings: With Slap chop, you can chop your own nuts and fruits to be used as toppings. Don’t even get me started on the incredible salsa that you can make!

I also like Slap chop because it is pretty safe to use: The blades are enclosed so I’m less likely to get cut. You also don’t need electricity to use Slap chop, unlike a food processor, so Slap chop can be used anywhere: Even outdoors while camping!

Other Slap Chop Info

Are there any downsides to using Slap chop? Well, it’s mainly designed for chopping and dicing, so if you need precision cutting, you’ll have to use a knife or another kind of slicer. Also, it only works on a limited amount of food at any one time: If you have mountains of chopping or dicing to do, you’ll have to allow for extra preparation time.

Where to Order

If you order your Slap chop online, you’ll be able to get some special bonuses, such as a free Graty, a self-contained cheese grater that saves you money and hassle by letting you grate cheese and store it in the same container. They’ll also double your order if you pay an extra shipping fee. This is a great option if you want to give a Slapchop and Graty as a gift, or if you do a lot of cooking and need two devices at the same time.

Slap Chop

Final Word

If you like to cook from scratch but don’t have the time to do a lot of chopping and dicing, check out the Slap chop. It’s much easier to clean than other devices and super-simple to use.

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