Side Socket Review – The Maneuverable Surge Protector

Side Socket is a 6-plug electrical hub that is designed for use in cramped spaces to help organize and protect electrical cords. This versatile unit allows rotation of sockets for easy access and puts an end to shifting heavy furniture for the sake of plugging in electronics.

side socket


  • Easy to Use
  • Provides More Outlets
  • Saves Space
  • Safe; doesn’t pose any fire, child, or pet hazards
  • Organizes space


  • More outlets means a higher risk of overloading your electric line

side-socket-reviewI’m sure I’m not the only person who’s experienced the frustration of replacing a device because the cord on the otherwise-in-perfect-condition gave up on doing what cords do best. I have lamps and laptop wires galore with cords that no longer power their respective units due to the constant bending just at the point where the plug meets the cord. And it’s not like the bending situation can be avoided – lots of rooms have haphazard outlet placement, so it’s sometimes not possible to position that tall dresser anywhere else in the room without blocking the window, closet, or doorway. The furniture just has to go there, and the cords suffer for it.

Side Socket is an creatively designed outlet adapter that not only puts the bending-cord issue to rest, but also maximizes your outlet’s potential. The surge protector features two swiveling rows of outlets that can rest at a 90 degree angle from the wall, enabling you to plug your cords, so that they run perpendicular to the wall, instead of sticking out and being pressed by unrelenting furniture. The outlet rows swivel so you can easily position them at lesser angles, such as a 45 degree angle, if your furniture is placed in a position that makes outlet access even more challenging.

So, Why the Side Socket Surge Protector?

The product combines the convenience of a power strip with the solution to bent cords and tangles. Regular power strips that lay horizontally on the floor invite cords to weave themselves together into piles of undetectable wires. The Side Socket has two vertical outlet strips that allow the cords to hang down instead of lying flat, eliminating jumbled wires. Plus, the device is low profile, so it only extends about 1.5 inches from the wall—small enough for you to place your furniture without too much space between the wall.

side socket

As someone who’s lived in tiny apartments with only two electrical outlets to the entire place, this contraption cannot be more highly valued. The dual outlet strips each pivot 90 degrees, so you have the freedom of maneuvering them to point in opposite directions, if needed. Plus, they expand your regular outlets from just two sockets to six – making it a must-have item for tiny apartments. Do be careful not to overload the Side Socket, especially if your electrical system can’t handle a lot of strain.

side-socketThe Side Socket saves space, even if you’re not in a predicament that requires you to move furniture to plug in your electronics. The flat, wall mounted design enables you to get piles of cords off the floor, making it easier for you to tack the more permanent of those plugged-in wires to the wall to prevent people from tripping or pets getting tangled in the impromptu electric rope course.

Few things say organized like the state of your wires; the hanging wires help to give spaces a neater, more organized appeal, but in this case, neater is safer, too. Because yours cords will be out of the way (and not smashed behind heavy furniture!), you don’t have to worry about movement causing excessive wear and fraying of wires, which can lead to sparks, fires, and/or explosions, or worry about endangering someone in the proximity of your plug-in center.

Because the sides conveniently pivot, you can rotate them when you need to remove plugs or add a new electronic device. The Side Socket surge protector gives you the flexibility and convenience of a better-placed outlet, without threatening to be terribly conspicuous (of course, depending on where you place it). Not to toot the Side Socket’s horn or anything, but it’s nearly impossible to find any drawbacks in this product – the design of it is so well thought out, that it easily conforms to any living situation, and works great for any location – from living rooms, to garages, to the office – anywhere you need more sockets, this socket hub can do the job.

Final Thoughts

side-socketThe Side Socket is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping costs) to protect your purchase. The product is covered by an additional lifetime warranty that guarantees repair or replacement of any defective or damaged units for as long as you have the product.

The Side Socket is currently available from the manufacturer for just $10.99 plus an additional $7.95 shipping and handling. For a limited time, you can receive a second Side Socket hub for just the cost of shipping and handling (a second one is always a good idea, especially considering that cords seem to multiply while you sleep). The product takes about 2-6 weeks for delivery.

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