SeatPets are plush stuffed animals that attach to a seat buckle belt to make traveling simultaneously more comfortable and fun for kids. Available in several different colors, SeatPets make the perfect pals for long car ride or any child prone to napping in the car.

seat pets


  • Encourages kids to wear a seat belt
  • Adorable
  • Washable
  • Doubles as a take-along friend
  • Provides a soft cushion for kids to nap on


  • Not for the fearful of stuffed animals
  • Kids and SeatPets are inseparable

seat-petsIf you have kids (or if you can remember far back enough to think of when you were a kid), you know that car rides are fussy events. One day the car is a cruise ship they can’t wait to get into, the next you’re fighting a war just to get your child to look at the car. Having an uncooperative child can make travelling unpleasant, and even dangerous if the child refuses to comply with safety measures, such as wearing a seat belt. Kids don’t always see it as a safety measure, but rather another boring routine task of going somewhere, and when there’s no reason, there’s little incentive to do it, right?

SeatPets are stuffed creatures to make your job as a parent (promoting safety while simultaneously keeping your child from screeching at the top of his or her lungs) much easier. Choose from Whish, the yellow and orange monster who reminds me vaguely of a giraffe; Awty, conveniently named for “Are We There Yet?” (don’t tell the kids the secret behind this acronym, or you’ll never hear the end of it), and Airheart, the blue and purple cuddly winged guy.

So, Why SeatPets?

These little guys are so adorable, your child will immediately fall in love with them (that is, unless they have the stuffed animal phobia some children suffer from). They work by fitting around the seatbelt with a Velcro closure to provide a travel companion for your children that doubles as a wonderfully soft pillow for when they doze off. They’re made after ultra-soft chenille, so you’ll probably want one for yourself (go ahead and order one; you can always use neck pain or “It’s the kid’s” as a no-questions-asked excuse).

seat-pets-reviewSeatPets come with three iPhone-sized pockets down the front of their bodies. No, I’m not recommending you give your kid an actual iPhone to put in there, but you can fit small toys, snacks like granola bars or bananas, or any other small travel necessity your child’s heart desires. In the long run, it makes your trip more peaceful and safer for you, because you won’t have to keep reaching back to soothe your child’s wants every time he or she wants something else.

Of course stuffing snacks in the pockets means that these little travel pals will be prone to food stains, but the designers were one step ahead of you here—SeatPets are machine washable. Simply toss in the washing machine, run through a cycle, toss in the dryer, and your seatbelt pet will be good as new.

seat pets

Perhaps the most selling feature about SeatPets is that they’re designed by a real mom. She came up with the idea of these cuddly seat belt pets to eliminate the complaints that came when it was time to buckle up as well as the whining from sore necks after an impromptu nap with impromptu posture. The bodies of the SeatPets give children a buddy to cuddle, while the stuffed head supports little heads as they doze.

SeatPets make perfect take along buddies, too, which is especially convenient if your child carpools to school or switches travelling arrangements often. They look just like other stuffed animals, so no one will know their true purpose unless you let them know. We all know how attached children can become to their stuffed toys, so each pet comes with a backpack strap, which allows your child to wear their pet on their back or attach it to a bicycle.

Final Thoughts

seat-pets-sonicEach cuddly seat belt pet comes with a free travel blanket –a $14.99 value— which is made of the same soft and cuddly chenille that the pet is, so you can tuck them in when they doze off. Your children will be so absorbed in showering their new friend with cuddles and attention, they won’t even realize they’ve been wearing their seat belt the whole time.

Unlike other car safety accessories that, SeatPets are affordable – each pet costs just $19.99 plus an additional $8.00 for shipping and handling. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you’re protected by a sixty day money back guarantee – but I challenge you to tear your child’s Seat Pet away without a fight and then buckle their belt.

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  1. I don’t see anything on the website about a free travel blanket. Also, the website doesn’t let you view your cart to see what you are being charged they ask for credit card info without telling you how much you can expect to pay. When calling the 888 number listed on the website, got people very hard to understand who told me they have a sales hotline but they didn’t know the number!!!! Makes me worry about ordering.

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