I’ll probably never admit it to my friends and family, but when it comes to making pancakes, I am a special kind of terrible. Whenever I get the guts to whip up a batch of batter, I always find some unexpected place to go wrong (you mean olive oil is actually not supposed to be used in pancakes? But it’s so good in everything else!). People in my house typically wake up to the aroma of pancake failure, and would you believe they actually expect pancakes?

perfect pancake

Luckily for me, the Perfect Pancake Maker makes making pancakes a task I can actually accomplish. It’s easy and fun to use, and in a short amount of time yields a much larger quantity of pancakes than I could ever dream of accomplishing on the griddle. My only major quip with the product is that I don’t want to share it with anyone, because I want to keep the secret of perfect pancakes to myself.


  1. Lightweight design for easy use
  2. Pancakes are fluffy and hearty every time
  3. Included batter dispenser makes measuring batter easier
  4. Spatula Free, so less dishes to clean up
  5. Healthy cooking, every time


  1. Will tempt you into having pancakes every morning
  2. Everyone will want to know your secret for perfection

perfect-pancakeUsing the pancake maker is incredibly simple. All you have to do is set the unit on your cooktop and use the included no-drip batter dispenser to dispense the perfect amount of batter into each of the four pancake molds. Close the lid, wait 30 seconds (or dance around the kitchen while you wait), flip the unit over, wait a little longer, and then open the lid to reveal your four perfect pancakes.

The Perfect Pancake Maker evenly distributes heat throughout the unit, so no more worrying about unevenly cooked pancakes from skillets and griddles with inconsistent cooking surfaces—you know you’re getting an evenly cooked pancake every time. This versatile cooking unit maintains even heat throughout cooking, so it’s a lot harder for to burn pancakes when using this.

perfect pancake

So, Why the Perfect Pancake Maker?

Usually, my tell-tale evidence of a cooking disaster is the mountain of dishes resulting from the project. Using the perfect pancake maker cuts back on kitchen messes—you don’t even need to use a spatula to flip the pancakes, because the unit acts like a spatula in itself, pressing the pancakes for you and letting you flip the entire thing over. It makes cooking eggs a breeze, too (because, you probably guessed by now that if I can’t make a decent pancake, I can’t flip eggs either), so a complete balanced breakfast is achieved in only a portion of the time it usually takes.

Best of all, cooking with the Perfect Pancake Maker is a lot healthier for you than cooking pancakes and eggs the conventional way. The cooking surface of the pancake maker is made from a durable non-stick material that’s very slippery and doesn’t scratch easily. The non-stick surface allows you to cook your food without adding any additional fats. No more worrying about over-oiling your skillets or forgetting to oil them altogether.

perfectpancakemakingThe Perfect Pancake Maker is incredibly lightweight, so you can flip the unit with one hand during cooking, and you no longer have to worry about toting heavy skillets from the stove to the sink. It also features a unique stay-cool handle, eliminating the of worry potential fires from using pot holders too close to the stove.

Perhaps the most mystifying part of the Perfect Pancake Maker is its ability to cook a fluffy, hearty, perfect pancake every time. Whether you’re tossing fruit, chocolate chips, or marshmallows into your pancakes, the unit cooks them evenly (even if your batter’s not that great!) The non-stick surface keeps you cooking without causing you to take unnecessary breaks to clean the unit between batches.

But it’s not just for eggs and pancakes—the perfect pancake maker can be used for making crepes, sandwiches, and just about anything you might cook in a regular skillet. When the entire pancake making magic process is complete, the Perfect Pancake Maker’s non-stick surface makes clean up a breeze. Simply rinse the unit in warm, soapy water and wipe clean with a non-abrasive sponge. Once you see how easy it is to achieve the perfect pancake with the Perfect Pancake pancake maker, you’ll want to eat pancakes for breakfast every day—and because the unit is so easy to use and clean, you probably will.

Final Thoughts

The Perfect Pancake pancake maker is available for just $19.95 plus an additional $7.95 for shipping and handle. Each unit comes with a bonus recipe guide. For a limited time, the manufacturer is offering a second Perfect Pancake for just the cost of shipping and handling, so you can double your pancake-making efficiency or buy one for a friend.

And, as always, here’s the commercial for those of you who haven’t caught it yet.

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  1. I tried clicking the Order Now button on the buyperfectpancake.com web site and nothing happens. Lost sale. Epic fail.

    1. That’s unfortunate. Must’ve been an issue with their website at the time. Hope you were able to get it to work eventually!

  2. I need to know if it’s made of steel or aluminum. I see mixed reviews and the price is so cheap I wonder if it’s just cheap aluminum. I won’t get it if it’s not made with steel.

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