Never Buy Compressed Air Again

The all new 02 Hurricane Canless Air System replaces expensive cans of compressed air for cleaning and dusting sensitive electronic equipment. There are currently four models available and all can be purchased on the main website, From the 160mph hand-held air compressors to the unsurpassed 220mph industrial strength units, you can find the right compressor for your needs. There is even an ESD safe unit for electrostatic discharge that measures in the 10e+9ohms range of static displacement. Unlike canned compressed air, these compressors use nothing but 100% air. Canned air is made of various compressed gasses including a propellant with several environmental and health risks. There is nothing ‘greener’ than all-natural ambient air, and there is no aerosol cans to dispose of.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System ReviewPROS:

  • Uses 100% environmentally safe and healthy air.
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Single Charge Equal to 4 Cans of Compressed Air
  • Safe and Effective for use on all Delicate Electronics
  • Contains No Hydroflurocarbons or Toxins
  • Will Not Cause Frostbite or Accidental Ignition
  • Non-Flammable
  • Lasts up to 18 Minutes Per/Charge


  • Powered by Nickle Hydride Batteries

02 Hurricane Canless Air System: What Is It?

This technologically advanced hand-held air compressor replaces the need for expensive canned air to clean and dispel electromagnetic charge on sensitive electronic equipment. Some customers did complain about these units being battery powered and requiring charging, however, a single charge produces more compressed air than four cans of traditional compressed air. A single charge can produce up to 18 sustained minutes of compressed air flow. Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System can be held and sprayed from any angle, including upside down. No toxic chemicals or gasses are used with these units, they are 100% environmentally safe, and are not harmful to humans or animals. Canned air uses dangerous gasses and an environmentally harmful propellant. Canned air can also be purposefully misused and abused leading to health risks and even death. These units use nothing but healthy and safe ambient room air.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

How Well Does O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Work?

Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System can be used again and again. These hand-held air compressors are battery powered, and each charge lasts as long as four cans of canned air. Models are available in 160+mph, 200+mph, 220+mph, and the 220+ mph ESD Safe unit. Sustained compressed air for up to 18 minutes on a single charge ensures all of your electronics can be cleaned on a single charge. From light household use to heavy duty industrial use, these units are powerful and sustainable. These hand-held units can also be used from any spraying angle, including upside down. They offer a safe and healthy alternative to dangerous canned air that will not harm the environment or sensitive equipment. Canned air is expensive and comprised of dangerous gasses and a potentially dangerous propellant. These canless hand-held compression units use nothing but air. These units cannot produce chemicals that can be misused or purposefully concentrated for illegal and potentially harmful uses, as can products using gasses and propellants.

Potential Drawbacks of the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

Because the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System runs on rechargeable batteries, a power supply is required to sustain the units periodically. Each unit charges fast and lasts for up 18 continuous minutes of sustained compressed air. Each charge effectively replaces up to four cans of canned compressed air. By running on sustainable battery charges, over time, these units can save thousands of dollars for companies with entire rooms of sensitive electronics equipment. There are four different canless units to choose from, and each model preforms to a different standard. Make sure to choose the model that best meets your unique needs.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

Is the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Right For You?

Anyone with small children, elderly, or individuals with breathing complications such as asthma, can greatly benefit form homes using this canless system. Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System uses no harmful gasses or propellants. Ambient room air is compressed by the unit’s powerful motor, and then released under pressure to dust and demagnetize sensitive electronic equipment. Homes and offices can be dusted and cleaned, even those hard to reach areas, more effectively with these canless units as they operate from any spraying angle. Homes and businesses wishing to ‘go green’ will love this canless system because it creates no waste. There are no aerosol cans to dispose of, and no harmful chemicals released to the environment or left behind on surfaces. These inexpensive, powerful, hand-held air compressors use nothing but ambient room air. From standard home use to heavy duty industrial and commercial use, there are 02 Hurricane Canless Air units available to meet the use demand. The ESD Safe unit dispels electromagnetic charge are are perfect for corporate and IT use on sensitive equipment.

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