The Ninja Cooking System is a revolutionary product that combines several kitchen appliances into a single compact unit. It uses steam integration technology to cook for healthier foods that are more delicate and tender. Anything your stovetop or oven does, this cooking system can do, too. It’s guaranteed to be a gadget you’ll fall in love with, and here’s why:

ninja cooking system

  1. It’s sleek and it looks professional.
  2. It’s versatile—whatever you’re planning to cook, this toy can handle it.
  3. It cuts cooking time in half
  4. It’s easy to use

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets. I bought my first ninja product in 2010 after being extremely wary of it. I mean, it was one of those as-seen-on-TV deals that usually end up to be no good (anyone remember the egg-jector? It was a little device that was designed to shell eggs quickly, but all it did was break the eggs, crush the eggs, or send them flying across the kitchen—all with the shell on).

Anyway, after much hesitation I purchased the Ninja blender, went home, turned it on, turned it off, threw some ice and things from the refrigerator into it, turned it on again, and in less than two seconds had the best smoothie I’ve ever made. I went back out and bought all of the Ninja blender accessories and never looked back. It’s made me a much more impressive cook, and I use it for everything. Making a cake? I throw the ingredients in that bad boy and let it works its magic. Food processor? Use the Ninja. It makes kitchen life a breeze and I make sure that I keep it out of sight of my friends, because if they knew my secret, they’d stop thinking I actually “got good” at cooking.

ninja cooking system

So when I heard that Ninja was introducing a product that actually cooks the food instead of just preparing, I was first in line to buy it the day it hit shelves. Actually, that’s not true. I preordered the Ninja Cooking System online. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive, and when it did, I put the dinner I was in the middle of fixing in the refrigerator so that I could test it out, after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it for a good ten minutes, of course.

Again, I was a little wary of what the box said—it boasted it would cut cooking time in half. Yeah, right. I dropped a couple chicken breasts in there, threw some spice in, and for the sake of being health conscious (the box claimed that it steams food, making it healthier for consumption), I held back on the butter. I turned the steam function on, and voila! Within 30 minutes, I had two juicy chicken breasts that were cooked to just the right texture, so light and tender. I was delighted.

The Ninja Cooking System has the capabilities to function as an oven, stovetop, or slow cooker, and having tried each method, I don’t feel like the product makes any compromises when used as each one. Its special surround heat technology ensures even cooking every time, which is especially great when used for baking—no more poking skewers into the tops of cupcakes.

The best part is that as it cooks, it infuses steam into the foods. There are no adequate words for how much I love this feature, because no matter how hard I try basting fowl in conventional ovens, the middle of them is always dry. With the Ninja Cooking System, I kissed dryness and burnt soups goodbye and said hello to fluffy cakes and juicy vegetables.

If you’re not convinced already, here are three reasons the Ninja Cooking System is worth your while:

  1. Encourages you to eat healthier—the steam integration feature allows for fluffier baking without the use of saturated fats.
  2. Easy to clean—I don’t know about you but, I hate washing dishes. The pot is nonstick and washes clean in less than a minute.
  3. Simplifies meals – you can throw a one-pot dish together hours in advance, and set the timer to start cooking so you’ll have a meal ready when you get off of work.

If you’re anything like me, you need your sweets, and getting your sweets means you’re probably less inclined to stick to a healthy diet. Using the Ninja Cooking System makes me feel a lot less guilty about indulging, because I can use little to no butter in my favorite recipes.

I was really glad to see that this truly washed clean easily—lots of nonstick pots and pans I’ve encountered have not been true to their name, and I was left ruining them with abrasive steel wool. The steam cooking feature makes sure foods don’t stick – unless, of course, you let it run out of water—and then the whole thing wipes clean like a dream.

A lot of the foods I cook are soups, stews, usually end up being drenched in sauces, and the Ninja Cooking System works so well for achieving this. I can simply sear onions, meats, and herbs and then add the other ingredients to the same pot for a quick route to deliciousness. The best part is that there’s only one dish to clean up.

The Ninja Cooking System came with its own cookbook, which is nice, but you’ll definitely want to experiment and make dishes you usually prepare on the stove or in the oven. It also comes with a lid for the unit, a removable roasting rack, baking sheet, a 6 quart roasting pot, and a mini cupcake sheet.

The front of the Ninja Cooking System has a digital temperature display, along with a dial that controls the cooking mode. It’s surprisingly easy to use, and if it were safe enough to trust a small child with, I’m certain they would have no problem using it. It also has a keep-warm function, which is excellent, because my friends are never on time, and I don’t have to worry about serving them a cold dinner anymore.

The cord is about 2 feet long, which is the perfect length for an appliance in my opinion. My old slow-cooker’s cord was so short, I had to jam it against the backsplash for it to reach, and even then it was a stretch. And if you’re one of those people who believes fewer kitchen appliances are the way to go, this is a must-have because it does so much. For under $200, I don’t think you can beat the quality and performance of this machine.

Update: I found this video review of the Ninja Cooking System from GoGrahamGo, a fun blog I’ve followed and admired for a long time! Check it out below:

Visit the Ninja Cooking System’s site for video demonstrations on how the product is used, as well as additional recipes and reviews from real customers like me.

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  1. Way impressed with the ninja cooker. Its more than I had hoped for. Still have a couple payments to make but I don’t mind making them now. We will get tons of years of use out of our Ninja.

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