If you’re tired of messy kitchen cabinets where old bowls and lids are stashed because they have lost their mate, it might be time to rethink the way you store your food. Mr. Lid is an step towards that— a bowl with a lid that never gets lost.




  • No more searching for lids
  • Easy to clean
  • Stackable
  • Easy to store
  • Functions just like Tupperware


  • Risk of breaking the lid and needing a replacement
  • You’ll never get them back if you loan them to someone

Mr. Lid is that product that should have been made decades ago. I mean, seriously, why has no one thought of this before?! My friends and I are always hosting cookie swaps, and as a result, we all have dozens of each other’s bowls crowding our cupboards that are pretty much rendered useless because we’ve all been impolite enough to lose the lid.

If you’re one of the people who value the convenience of reusable food storage containers and (like me!) have too many unmatched bowls and lids, Mr. Lid is worth trying. These containers are just as convenient as the traditional detachable lid ones, but because the lids are fixed on with a hinge, you’ll never lose a lid again.

I’m convinced there’s a secret place where all of the bowl lids go, kind of like the unknown place that unmatched socks flock to. They just seem to up and disappear—from the kitchen cupboards, the lunch room at work, bedrooms—it doesn’t matter. Once they’re gone, I never find them again, so I end up re-purposing lidless bowls for stray cat feeders or just throwing them away.

mr lid

So, Why Mr Lid?

Mr. Lid bowls are lightweight, so they’re easy to throw in a lunch sack or store large amounts of food without being too heavy. They’re airtight, so they keep food fresher longer – a benefit I cannot emphasize enough; I’m so over bowl lids that don’t fit correctly. Mr. Lid bowls are easily stack-able so they won’t crowd up your cabinets either – I know other bowls are stackable, too, but when they start losing lids or lids start losing bowls, the whole cabinet turns into chaos! Mr. Lid bowls fit into each other, so you don’t have to worry about consuming large amounts of space with lidded bowls.


The only plausible reason someone didn’t think of this before now is because there’s probably a secret bowl convention where bowl lids convene and plan their escapes to con us into buying new ones. With Mr. Lid bowls, you get the full value of your money. Because you’ll always have a matching lid, you can use your bowls for as long as they’ll last, and Mr. Lids are built to do so.

Realistically, you’d probably never buy bowls again unless you gave them all away or they just deteriorated over time. Why keep buying containers that will get lost before they’re even old? Investing in Mr. Lid bowls is a smart choice—it’ll save you money in the long run and the headache of searching cupboards for elusive tops. The lid is firmly attached and is made of durable, rugged plastic for reliability through frequent use.


Final Thoughts

Mr. Lid bowls are constructed from high quality, rugged plastic, so they can withstand dishwasher cycles, heat from microwaves, and provide reliable storage for anything from food to toys to screws. I can’t stress how much of a breeze it is to have your lid attached to your bowl (because trying to find a place to set a lid down where I won’t forget it is always a hassle; not that I ever forget—the lids walk away themselves, I swear!). I would gladly pay a fortune for these bowls for the convenience, but Mr. Lid bowls are surprisingly affordable.

I use these containers for almost everything—for pet food and sewing supplies; office desktop organization and place to store half-done crafts; for lunches and cookie swaps and anything you could use a bowl for! These bowls are BPA free so they’re guaranteed to be food safe. My only fear now is for future cookie swaps with my friends— After countless conversations about the frustrations of missing bowl tops, I have a feeling if I loan someone one of my Mr.Lids, I’ll never see it again.

For just $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling, you’ll receive a set of twenty bowls with attached lids. The set includes six 32oz containers, six 16oz containers, six 8oz containers, a 48oz container and an additional condiment container. Your purchase is protected by a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase (but, believe me, I think you will be!).

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