Meyer Lemon Tree Review

Have you ever tried a Meyer lemon? They are some of the most delicious lemons you’ve ever tasted: Sweeter than ordinary lemons, they have an incredible flavor that ordinary lemons can’t touch. The trouble is that Meyer lemons can be hard to find in stores and when you can find them, they’re often more expensive.  Still, I’ve always had a soft spot for these delicious fruits and went ahead and paid extra for them. . .until something happened.

Meyer Lemon Tree

I visited a friend one day and when she asked me if I’d like some lemon in my iced tea, she walked into her living room and came back with a fresh lemon. I asked her why she kept her lemons in her living room and she laughed. She motioned for me to go have a look so I did: Right there in her living room was a lemon tree! I couldn’t believe it. She told me that it was a Meyer Lemon Tree and that she could grow her own lemons! Naturally, I went home and ordered one for myself. I love it!

What I Like About the Meyer Lemon Tree

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I love having access to Meyer lemons without having to go to the store. In addition, I know that the lemons are perfectly fresh (I can taste the difference) and that they’ve been grown without dangerous chemical sprays. Also, the lemon tree is beautiful and even its blossoms smell great.

Having an abundance of lemons has also made a huge difference in my cooking: I’m constantly experimenting with lemons and trying to create new dishes. The wonderful thing about lemons is that they go with just about everything: Meats, fish, chicken, veggies and desserts. The lemons are also wonderful in drinks and cocktails.

Things To Think About

You can’t just expect the Meyer Lemon Tree to produce lemons for you without some work on your part. You’ll have to make sure that you take care of the tree and keep it watered. Of course, the tree won’t be delivered to you with fruit on it either: But remember, good things come to those who wait. Take care of your tree and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful, delicious lemons that you’ve grown yourself.


Where to Get a Meyer Lemon Tree

You can order a Meyer Lemon Tree online through its official website. You’ll get the security of a 30 day money back guarantee and they’ll even double your order by sending you an additional tree for the cost of shipping and processing.

Final Recommendation

This tree is so beautiful that I’d recommend getting one even if you don’t use a lot of lemons (give your extras away to neighbors and friends). It’s a beautiful addition to your patio or your living room and it supplies you with delicious Mayer Lemons, meaning that it does double-duty. Place an order and see how it works for you.

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