Light the Way Automatically with Light Angel Motion Activated Light

Almost all of us have places both inside and outside of our homes that could use a little more light. The back door, the garage, the driveway, hallways and closets are just some of the places that aren’t always lit to our satisfaction. Installing a new light can be costly, however. And what if you only want the light to come on when you need it? The Light Angel from is an affordable, automatic way to light anywhere with the power of LED lights. But is it good enough for your home?

Light Angel Motion Activated Light ReviewPROS:

– Quality LED bulbs last up to 100,000 hours

– Can increase the safety of your home

– Automatically turns on when it detects motion from humans, pets and cars

– Sticks up with a powerful adhesive that allows it to go practically anywhere

– Doesn’t require any electrical know-how or complicated wiring

– Features a pivoting base for easy adjustments


– Runs off of batteries

Light Angel Motion Activated Light: What Is It?

The Light Angel is a new way to light up all the areas of your home. Installing a light inside your home would normally require that you crack into the walls, pull out wires and connect the light yourself. This can be both dangerous and costly, not to mention that you can’t easily move the light once you’ve installed it. This product foregoes these problems by operating on batteries, and installation is as easy as sticking it up on the wall with the included adhesive backing. This allows the light to be stuck literally anywhere inside and outside your house. The product also turns on automatically when it senses any kind of motion. By turning on automatically, it works perfectly as a security light or a light for your closet. Using high-quality LED lights also helps guarantee a quality lighting experience that lasts up to 100,000 hours without issue. Lastly, the product features a pivoting motion that allows it to be adjusted as you need it without moving it from its mounted spot.

How Well Does Light Angel Motion Activated Light Work?

If you need lighting for absolutely anywhere in your home, there isn’t any easier solution that buying the Light Angel. Installation is as easy as pulling the paper off the adhesive backing and sticking it wherever you need it. With the pivoting design, you can even angle it to just the right position you need. Once the four AA batteries are installed, it’s immediately ready to use. Whether you plan on using it as a spare closet light or as a security light outside, you get access to bright LED lighting that comes on instantly when it senses motion. Overall, it’s the easiest and most affordable light you can ever buy.


Light Angel Motion Activated Light Review


The value of having a light that comes on automatically when it senses motion is immeasurable when it comes to the safety of your family. It’s a known fact that having a motion-sensing light outside of your door is one of the best ways to scare off potential intruders. When a possible criminal approaches your door, the Light Angel will immediately light up. Most criminals will assume that someone inside the house has flipped the light switch on, so they will almost always run off. It doesn’t just work as a security light for scaring off intruders, however. Installing the light near a pool or other dangerous areas can help alert you if your child runs out without your knowledge. Having this product can easily mean the difference between a safe child and an injured child.

Potential Drawbacks of Light Angel Motion Activated Light

The Light Angel is one of the best LED lights you can buy, but the fact that it runs on batteries is a little bit disappointing. No one likes having to change batteries on a regular basis, or worse, have batteries go out on them at an inopportune time. It really is a requirement for the device, however, since running on batteries is the only way for it to be independent of your electrical wiring. It’s also what helps the product truly go anywhere in your home. Plus it allows it to run even when you have a power outage. Running on batteries isn’t a great thing, but it does help the product perform better in a quite a few aspects.


Light Angel Motion Activated Light Review


Is Light Angel Motion Activated Light Right For You?

If you need a new light for any part of your home, the Light Angel is a great choice. It doesn’t require any electrical know-how nor do you need to drill holes anywhere in your home. If you can put batteries in a radio, you have all the knowledge you to need to run and install this product. It features extra-durable, extremely bright LEDs that can light the way for you and your family in even the direst circumstances such as a power-outage. It can even help scare off potential intruders. Overall, it’s a great light that you should definitely give a try.

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