Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review (Jesse James Replica Pocket Watch)

Capture a Moment in History With the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch, the Jesse James replica pocket watch

On a cold morning in January, 1874, Jesse James and his gang staged the most famous train robbery in history. After relieving Conductor, C.A. Alfred, of his personal valuables at gunpoint, James reportedly returned his gold pocket watch, saying, “You’ll need this.” Forevermore immortalized in the annals of time, this event was just one of memorable note during a time in American history known as the Wild West. It may have been over one-hundred-thirty years since the outlaw Jesse James returned a watch like this to a scared train conductor, but you can re-tell the legendary story long into the future. For a fraction of what other similar models can cost, this Jesse James replica pocket watch is offered on the official Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch website, www.kansascitypocketwatch.com, for an unbelievably affordable price, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. jesse james replica pocket watch

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch ReviewPROS:

  • The look-through face of the pocket watch revels the replicated gold inner features of the precise and intricate clockworks. The gears, cogs, and springs are all visible, and the delicate silver overlay accents the Roman numerals on their white background.
  • The butterfly hinge folds flawlessly away from the centered stem-set.
  • This pocket watch has the same cutting edge technology that is employed on the world’s finest and most expensive modern timepieces.
  • The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is a great statement item and conversation piece.


  • Due to the mechanical nature of pocket watches, they will maintain accurate time longer in use and wear than they will in storage or on display.
  • This pocket watch is not waterproof.

The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch: What Is It?

TeleBrands has turned back the hands of time with the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch. Expertly crafted in silver tone bezel, this stunning replica brings to mind the early days of the great American frontier. The open design showcases the inner clockworks in gold tone, accenting the white clock face and bold black numerals. A butterfly hinge allows access to the stem set for winding. Every detail of this antique masterpiece is newly represented and comes with a certificate of authenticity. To complete the historical look of this stunning timepiece, it also includes a matching chain and fob. Timeless allure as well as historical romance and intrigue meet on this single magnificent representation of a time long past. Also included is an easy to follow instruction manual for setting and winding the timepiece. Length of wind may vary with wear.

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

How Well Does the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Work?

The same technology used on much more expensive and modern timepieces has been exquisitely crafted into this historical replica. The matching silver tone chain and fob allow you to wear the watch today, just as the early frontiersmen did in their day. The fob ensures the chain does not tangle, and both accent the vintage pocket watch design perfectly. A striking accessory to any proper attire, this pocket watch is designed to draw attention. The luminescent silver tone finish of the casing and gold tone inner clockworks make this pocket watch a key component to the well tailored suit vest. It can also be worn as a necklace by women and men alike. For storage, the pocket watch also comes with a convenient bag designed to polish and prevent scratches.

Potential Drawbacks of the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch

This vintage mechanical timepiece is reminiscent of the great American Wild West. Even Jesse James himself knew that a man needed to keep his timepiece. He returned a pocket watch, aesthetically identical to this one, to the train conductor in the famous 1874 robbery. Just like the watch this legendary timepiece is based upon, the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch isn’t waterproof. It must be wound in order to keep accurate time. The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch manual gives basic instructions for winding and the approximate length of accurate timekeeping. As with most items of adult jewelry and accouterments, this item is not recommended for children.

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

Is the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Right For You?

Avid collectors of authenticated and reduplicated memorabilia of the railways of America or the early frontier days of the wild west will love this stunning timepiece. The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is the perfect gift item for any discerning collector of authenticated old west memorabilia on your list. This is not just a conversation starter or focal point of a display, this watch is an actual working and fully functional timepiece. Fine attention to detail, quality materials, and modern technology ensure this pocket watch will remain a treasured keepsake for generations to come. For anyone who loves the old west frontier days of the iron horse and the legend and lore of the most famous train robber in American history, this pocket watch is a true modern marvel.

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  1. Wow, the pocket watch looks great. I’ve never felt this excited about a watch since I got a military watch for my birthday.

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