Hurricane Spin Mop Review

A Complete Overview of the Hurricane Spin Mop

If you’re like most people, then you probably hate cleaning your home. It takes a lot of time and it can leave you feeling tired and dirty. One of the worst chores you face each week is having to mop the floor. Dealing with dirty water and dripping mop heads just isn’t most peoples’ idea of a good time. The Hurricane Spin Mop from hopes to make your mopping just a little bit easier, but is it worth replacing your old mop?

Hurricane Spin Mop ReviewPROS:

– Never have to touch the mop head

– Mop heads detach and can be cleaned in the washing machine

– Comes with a special bucket that washes and dries heads with centrifugal force

– Mop spins as it cleans to scrub floors, baseboards and more

– Head absorbs 10x its weight but never drips

– Handle is made of an ultra-light alloy for stress-free mopping


– Mop heads will wear out over time

The Hurricane Spin Mop: What Is It?

Designed specifically with the utmost convenience in mind, the Hurricane Spin Mop is a new take on cleaning your floors. Instead of a simple stationary mop head, this product features a unique rotating head with ultra-absorbent cloth fibers. The spinning action of the head serves multiple purposes. For one, it allows the mop to better clean your floors by spinning against baseboards, on porcelain toilets and even under furniture. Secondly, it allows the mop to clean itself almost automatically with the included washer & dryer bucket. By pressing a foot pedal on the bucket, the included dryer spins to completely clean the head without you ever having to touch the mop head.


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Every order of the Hurricane Spin Mop includes just what you need to become the master of cleaning floors. Customers receive one super-light alloy handle with a detachable mop head for starters. If the mop head ever becomes extremely dirty, it can be detached and cleaned in a washing machine. Also included in each order is the aforementioned washer & dryer bucket. This bucket features a water basin and a centrifugal drying basket that’s powered by an attached foot pedal. Orders from the manufacturer’s official store also include a bonus mop head. Every order is also covered by a five-year warranty that guarantees against manufacturer’s defects.


How Well Does It Work?

If you really want your home to be as clean as possible but don’t want to break your back cleaning it, then the Hurricane Spin Mop is definitely the mop for you. When you first set your eyes on it, you can tell it’s truly unlike any mop you’ve ever used. For one, it’s extremely light. This is because of the durable but lightweight alloy that is used in the handle. Secondly, the head doesn’t look like your typical mop head. It features dozens of super-absorbent fibers that totally engulf your floor as it cleans. It’s also quite different because of the rotating action that helps get floors extra-clean. Since the head spins while you mop, you get a deeper clean in the bathroom, kitchen and more. It’s perfect for cleaning around toilets and tubs because the spinning fibers really dig down into the crevices that normal mops miss. This spinning motion also comes in handy when it’s time to clean and dry the mop head. The special washer & dryer tub spins the head at an incredible 1,000 RPMs for a completely clean and dry head each time you use it.\


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The true shining star of the Hurricane Spin Mop is the mop head. It uses a special ultra-absorbent cloth that can hold up to ten times its weight in liquid. These absorbent fibers also never drip, making them perfect for cleaning huge messes without making several little messes in the process. This is further helped by the fact that, unlike other mops, this mop head doesn’t leave streaks. Once you’ve placed the head on the floor, the messes are trapped in the mop until you’re ready to clean it. And unlike other mop heads, you never have to touch it to get it clean. Even when you are ready to detach the head and throw it in the dryer, you can do so without having to ever touch dirty fibers.

Potential Drawbacks

As far as mops go, the Hurricane Spin Mop is about as perfect as they come. The only real downside to this mop is the fact that the mop heads don’t last forever. While the head can go through hundreds of cleanings before needing replaced, it does need to be replaced eventually. This is also true of every other mop on the market, however, so it isn’t really something that should affect your purchasing decision. And unlike other mops, the replacement heads for this device are extremely affordable.

Is It Right For You?

If you’re tired of your old mop and you want to really amp up your cleaning arsenal, then the Hurricane Spin Mop is the first mop you should look into. It really does great work in cleaning floors without all of the hassle of drips, watery messes and grimy mop heads. And since it comes with such a great guarantee, you won’t even have to worry about it breaking.

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