Hot Huez Review

Making Your Hair Look Amazing with Hot Huez

Your hair says a lot about your personality. Whether your wear it up or down, short or long or straight or curly can tell someone a lot about who you are. More than anything, though, a bright streak of exciting color can tell everyone even more. Dying your hair pink or green isn’t something you necessarily want to be permanent, however. Hot Huez from offers a temporary solution to streaking your hair with bright colors by using a chalk-based, shampoo-washable color. But is it what you’ll really want to show off your exciting side?


Hot Huez Review– Chalk-based color that uses no dyes

– Washes out with shampoo

– Applies directly to each strand of hair for maximum control and minimal mess

– Comes with bonus carrying case and hair bands

– Available in four exciting colors

– Compact for ultra-portability


– Temporary color could fade over the course of the day

Hot Huez: What Is It?

Hot Huez is a hair-coloring solution that forgoes the typical sprays and dyes by using temporary chalk coloring to allow you to color your hair without committing to a permanent change. Instead of dying the strands of your hair, the chalk-based color in this product coats the outside of your hair. Not only does this make your hair more vibrant than a typical dye, but it also allows you to wash off the color with shampoo and water. The chalk is kept in a compact device that can be snapped around as much or as little of your hair as you like. Simply sliding the device over your strand of hair imparts a bright color that is sure to wow and amaze. This also gives you precise control over what part of your hair you are coloring.


Hot Huez Review


Every order of Hot Huez includes a vast array of colors and tools to help you customize your look. For starters, you get all four colors of Huez that are currently offered. This includes Neon Green, Electric Blue, Fiery Fuchsia and Hot Pink. Also included with each order is a bonus set of six Pony Bands that are specifically designed to work well with Hot Huez. These bands can hold your hair in many different styles for further customization of your hairdo. Another bonus product that’s included is the stylish carrying case. This carrying case is designed to hold all of your coloring devices plus more. Everything even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Well Does Hot Huez Work?

The main draw of using Hot Huez is the fact that you can change the colors in your hair every day without committing to a long-term dye. By allowing you to wash out the color on a daily basis, you can more easily experiment with colors and styles that fit your personality. Unlike a dye, you won’t have to worry about making a bad style mistake that you’ll have to live with for weeks or months. If you don’t like the particular color or style you make with this product, you can wash it out in minutes. By including four different colors, you also have the option of mixing and matching colors in your hair for the ultimate expression of style and creativity. And by designing the product to work strand by strand, you’re always in precise control of where you’re applying color.

By placing the product in a compact-styled device, you also have the added benefit of taking Hot Huez with you wherever you go. You can keep a specific color in your purse for touch-ups, or you could even add and change the colors in your hair while you’re out and about. The included carrying case makes this even easier. It can hold whichever colors you like plus it has room to hold the included Pony Bands as well. All-in-all, by making the entire product so portable and mess-free, you can take your color anywhere and apply it at any time.

Potential Drawbacks of Hot Huez

While Hot Huez is likely the best option you have in temporary hair-coloring, it isn’t without a few flaws. By using a chalk-based material, you do run the slight risk of your color fading or diminishing throughout the night. This is especially true if you sweat or find yourself in a rainstorm. The color does do a great job of staying in while under even extreme conditions, but some fading could be noticeable. This is easily remedied by carrying the coloring device with you in case of needed touch-ups, however. And since the product was designed with portability in mind, this really isn’t much of an issue at all.


Hot Huez Review


Is Hot Huez Right For You?

Without a doubt, Hot Huez should be your very first choice if you’re looking for a temporary hair-coloring solution. It uses a unique chalk-based material that coats your hair with vibrant color that washes out when you want it too. The four included colors give you a wide variety of styles to choose from, and the precision of the coloring device give you ultimate control. Throw in the bonus Pony Bands, carrying case and 30-day money-back guarantee, and you have a product worth looking into.

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