If you’re anything like me (i.e. impatient and creatively challenged in the mornings) you know the value of anything that makes your daily routine easier. When I first heard of Hot Buns, my first thought was that they sounded good enough to eat. Admittedly, I lost interest after finding out they were not edible, I figured I shouldn’t judge an innocent thing by my disappointment and decided to let them show me what they can do. And guess what? I fell in love.

hot buns

Hot Buns is a hair styling tool that will revolutionize the way you spend your mornings in the mirror. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and stylish bun to pair with your career gear, or want to class it up in the evening, this handy little accessory will simplify the bun making process, cutting hair styling time in half. The best part is that the buns almost always turn out neat and even, so you don’t need to waste extra time fussing over loose strands and lopsided bunches of hair.


  1. Easy to insert and remove
  2. Head and hair friendly: soft construction ensures no painful combs or pins press into your head or rip your hair.
  3. Versatile styling tool
  4. Saves time while optimizing your look
  5. Available in several sizes for different looks


  1. Everyone will be constantly begging to know your secret
  2. You’ll never go back to wrapping buns the old way

Hot Buns are incredibly easy to use. Simply wrap your hair around the soft hair mould and roll it downwards towards your head. Bring the ends in together, creating a circular shape and then “snap” them together. Use your fingers to make sure your hair completely covers the Hot Buns ring, and voila! You have yourself a salon worthy bun.

Because Hot Buns help to create the shape of the bun, they can be used on all types of hair, including thin and curly hair, to create a fashionable looking bun in no time. Best of all, no matter what you’re doing, they stay put. So if you’re hitting the gym, the soccer field, or the dance floor, this tool will keep your bun looking as fresh as it did when you left the house.

So, Why Hot Buns?

hot buns

The Hot Buns hair accessory is so versatile you can use it for a number of different types of buns. Its soft construction ensures that you can position your bun anywhere on your head—the side, the top, or the nape of your neck—without compromising your comfort. The accessory uses only an optional elastic band to keep the hair in place so you don’t have to worry about annoying pins or combs poking into your head to keep your style in place. As you become more familiarized with using the accessory, you’ll find that the elastic band is more of a convenience than a necessity, and you can opt to not use it for variations on your bun.

hot-buns-reviewAlthough using the Hot Bun accessory for buns only yields one type of bun (sorry ladies; no gorgeous curly updos unless you get creative!), the tool can be used to create a variety of other styles that are actually good for your hair! Love the look of loose, beachy curls? Dampen your hair, wrap it in a bun, and let it stay overnight. Take it out in the morning, tousle, and you’ll have gorgeous curls without the worry of heat damage! You can use the smaller Hot Buns for tighter curls and experiment with other variations for curls.

Choose from several light and dark colors to match your hair color for a discreet hair accessory that will remain in place until you take it out. The soft material will ensure your hair doesn’t tangle or tear on removal. Hot Buns are the perfect accessory for maintaining a professional appearance throughout the day, while still providing a quick way to make that transformation from day to evening, whether you’re keeping the bun or letting the curls rip.

Final Thoughts

These lightweight accessories are worth much more than they’re going for—for just $10, you can make them yours. By ordering your Hot Buns from their official website, you can double your order and get an amazing discount on your accessories. That means you can order a spare set for yourself or a friend for just the cost of shipping and handling.

Each order comes with a unique style guide, two small bun holders for shorter hair and half bun styles, two medium for classic buns, and two large for full buns that are fit for the red carpet. Product takes two to six weeks to arrive and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase—but I think it’s safe to say you will be.

For those of you who haven’t seen the commercial yet, I’ve pasted it below for you. Check it out if you have the time.

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    1. I’m not sure there’s a way to get ’em free, Victoria. Wish I could help you more… Maybe this is a purchase you should put off til you’re able to save some money for it. Hot Buns will still be around!

        1. the curl works if u add water. 😀 i think so…. thats why when you get the paket, it say sworks with damp hair better.

  1. The girls I bought them for love them. I have one that is ripping, is there a way to get it replaced?

  2. I also have to add, that maybe the curls don’t work because we’re not using hairpray and heavy hair product to get the curls to stay….. you know maybe you could try to but your bun in when it’s wet, then in the morning ect. you could take it out, then put hair-products in it…. I’m gonna try this!

  3. how long do you have to keep it in ur hair before u can take it out and have curls???

  4. The hot buns work alright to make a bun, but not at all to curl hair. My hair was damp and I put it in the bun and when I woke up my hair was still straight.

  5. I just got hot buns today and it was super easy to use. My hair is pretty heavy and I had to bobby pin the bun in place or it’s floppy. It also has this elastic stretchy thing you pull and wrap around the bun, but I decided I didn’t like it because it distorts my bun so I forgo that part and just pin in place.

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