Hot Booties Slippers Review – A Look at the Popular Foot Warmers

Hot Booties are, simply put, one of the best things to ever happen to feet. They’re soft, fleecy slippers that quickly heat up when placed in the microwave to provide at least an hour of continuous warmth for cold feet. Constructed from all natural materials, these lightweight slippers can also massage tired feet for added relief from cold weather comfort.

hot booties


  • Keeps your toes warm
  • Therapeutic
  • Massaging
  • Sanitary
  • Easy to use


  • Not available in outdoor footwear

hot-booties-reviewI’ve lived in a beach house for the majority of my life, and even though it’s common sense to book it out of there when summer starts fading and winter creeps in, my family never did. You can imagine how cold it was – even with the furnace going at full blast, the fire place raging, and the occasional space heater, the floors were almost always colder than a hairless cat in the arctic. Of course the solution for cold feet was always to bundle up (my mother believed there was nothing a pair of socks and chicken soup couldn’t fix),but on days where we couldn’t feel our toes to begin with, even six pairs of socks couldn’t nip the cold.

I can’t help but wish I had learned about these innovative slippers a lot sooner. They’re just like regular slippers; fluffy, cozy, and soft, but they’re designed to keep your feet much warmer than their traditional counterparts. I used to toss my bedside slippers in the dryer for a moment of warmth. It worked for a few weeks, but after that, the dryer would beat the poor things around and cough out a mangled, tangled ball of fluff and fuzz that was too lumpy and disfigured to function as a proper slipper anymore. Hot Booties warm up in a microwave, requiring no tumbling by way of dryer.

So, Why Hot Booties?

hot-bootiesOf course, like me, you’re probably thinking “who puts their slippers in a microwave?!” It just sounds unsanitary and weird, but once you try it and reap the benefit, you’ll never second guess it again. Plus, hot booties come with their own microwaving bag, which keeps your slippers from actually coming in contact with the microwave. And if it’s the worry of foot odor permeating your kitchen, you don’t need to worry; hot booties are made of 100% washable material, so you can clean them when you find it necessary.

Hot Booties take only roughly 60 seconds to heat up to their ideal temperature and retain that heat for a whole hour (easily trumping the two minutes of warmth I got from my mutilated slippers). Unlike other heating slippers on the market that have warm inner soles, the entire Hot Bootie retains heat, including the part that covers the top of your foot, so no more layering socks before you put your slippers on.

hot booties

The philosophy behind the invention of this slipper is simple: providing consumers with a comfortable, affordable solution to cold feet. Their simple ballet-slipper styled construction allows ample space for narrow and wide feet, alike and the elastic at the back ensures they’ll stay on, unlike backless slippers that are always falling off. It also ensures that the heel of your foot – an area often overlooked – stays warm and toasty, too.

Unlike other slippers and house shoes, Hot Booties are actually good for you. Podiatrists recommend heating feet at mild temperatures to reduce soreness because having feet warmer than the room’s ambient temperature increases circulation throughout the entire body, which will help reduce pain and inflammation throughout your body.

hot-booties-slippersBut that’s not all; the secret behind this slipper’s uncanny ability to effectively radiate and retain warmth is their stuffing – thousands of all natural linseed absorb heat and release it slowly, so your feet will stay warm for longer periods of time. The linseed also helps to support the arch of your foot, and creates a therapeutic effect by lightly massaging your feet when you walk, making these perfect for slipping on after a long day of work. Plus, if you stand in one spot and move your feet back and forth in the slipper, you’ll intensify the massaging effects.

These slippers act just like heat packs to provide relief to aching, stressed feet. Between the heat and massaging, you’ll relax the muscles and ligaments in your feet, so you’ll feel more refreshed after wearing them. Additionally, the heat-massage combination could not get any more portable than this; you won’t be restricted to a chair as your feet unwind and de-stress themselves.

Final Thoughts

These slippers are currently only available in four sizes, although there have been rumors of children’s sizes being in the works (I can imagine them selling like hotcakes!). They’re available in women’s small/medium, which fits US shoe sizes 6-8, and large which fits sizes 9-11. Men’s are available in medium, which fits sizes 10-11, and large, which fit sizes 12-13. They’re also only currently available in two colors: pink and navy blue. Both are lovely shades, but with how much you’ll find yourself wanting to wear them, the pink will probably get dirty quickly.

Hot Booties are available for just $14.99 per pair, plus an additional $7.95 for shipping and handling. Each bootie purchase comes with a free microwavable Bootie Bag. For a limited time when ordered from the manufacturer’s official website, you can receive a second pair of Hot Booties and Bootie Bag in the same size and color for just the cost of shipping and handling.

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