The GripGo is an easy to use innovative device that securely holds your cell phone, tablet, or navigation device—and if your device is from the dinosaur ages, no need to worry. The GripGo can support up to about 14 pounds—roughly the weight of an average bowling ball. The unit fixes securely to windshields, or can be used with dashboard mounts for added maneuverability.



  1. Safe and Easy to Use
  2. Works with Any Device
  3. Fixes Securely to Windows
  4. Can Be Positioned Anywhere
  5. Makes Using Your Phone Safer and Easier


  1. So low-priced, you’ll want to buy one for everyone you know
  2. Addictive. You’ll want to stick everything to it (OK… Maybe not everything.)


As a driver with no sense of direction, I cannot go without having some sort of navigation system in my car, and no, maps don’t count. It’s lucky for me that smartphones have built in navigation systems these days, because I’m horribly forgetful and always leave my GPS device in some haphazard place (but my phone is always glued to my hip!), so if I’m switching cars with friends or late for work, I can breathe easy knowing I didn’t forget my sense of direction. This brings me to another issue: cell phone mounts. Not only are they hard to find for most phone models less popular than the iPhone, by the time you put a protective case on your phone, you can forget about fitting in that holder.

So, Why the GripGo Phone Mount?

The GripGo is an answer to all of those problems. The GripGo replacement pads magically adhere to anything you press on it without threatening to drop if you bump it, it also releases your device without leaving any sticky residue behind. The secret is millions of micro suction cups on the unit’s polymer surface that snugly hug your device when it’s pressed onto the surface, and all it takes is a firm but gentle pull to separate the two.


But that’s not the only great thing about its polymer surface—unlike units with arms and other crevices that attract and gather dust, the surface of the GripGo actually repels dirt and dust, so it will stay clean longer than competing device grips. The entire unit is washable, so in the event that it does get dirty, a simple wash in warm, soapy water, and a quick buff with a dry towel will have it squeaky clean in no time. Keeping the unit clean ensures that the unit will maintain its grip for long periods of constant usage.

grip-go-reviewThe GripGo works best when paired with its companion dashboard mount, which extends and allows you to position the unit anywhere you like for easier usage. The dashboard mount has a uniquely constructed foot that ensures it won’t come loose—a suction cup provides a strong connection between the mount and surface, and a tiny lever depresses it further to make certain there are no chances of it coming apart.

The dashboard mount, which can conveniently be purchased from the manufacturer, securely mounts to any surface, and is very easy to re-position-—undo the lever, give it a firm tug, and pull it free; reattach in your desired spot. The mount’s suction cup will not damage windshields, plastic surfaces, or synthetic and leather dashboards.

When used with the dashboard mount, the unit can pivot 360 degrees so you truly can position it anywhere, at any angle. The mounting unit easily adjusts to different heights so that drivers of different heights can comfortably use it with ease. Using the GripGo mount makes driving safer for you, your passengers, and those you share the road with; no more reaching after devices sliding across the dashboard, or fumbling for ringing cell phones in bags and pockets. This device is designed to reduce the need to take your eyes off the road, and even though it’s a complete joy to use, it’s important to put safety first and focus on driving, not your devices.

Final Thoughts

As with any product, being reassured for potential damages is a good thing. The GripGo comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on both the device dock and mounting arm, which guarantees the repair or replacement of a defective product.

The GripGo is only available from the manufacturer’s website, and costs only $10.00 for the grip and mount, plus $7.95 for shipping and handling. For a limited time, you can request a second unit and mount for just the cost of shipping.

Once again, this is one of those As Seen on TV products. But, hey, it works. And here’s the commercial if you haven’t caught it yet.

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  1. i recently purchased online this gripgo and it looks like it would work fine IF the arm mount was connected to the pad..i looked it over and cannot for the life of me see how to attach it..please reply

  2. the gripgo phone mount is garbage. i bought one and it fell apart in less than a week. it is now in pieces in a box. if i could attach a pic of it, i would! DO NOT BUY IT…NOT EVEN FOR $2.

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