Forever Comfy Review – A Cushion to Rule Them All?

Forever Comfy is a perfectly thought out combination of gel, foam, and fleece that makes an extremely cozy seating solution. This seat cushion is designed for people who have pain resulting from prolonged seating periods. Lightweight, portable, and extremely comfortable – what’s not to love?

forever comfy


  • 2 foam layers around 1 gel layer provide outstanding cushion support
  • Relieves pain in your thighs, back, and buttocks
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used almost anywhere


  • Shipping can take a little while
  • They don’t make mattresses like this
  • Hard to part with

forever-comfyGrowing up, I did a lot of sitting. I was a horrible child, always putting my fingers or nose in some place it didn’t belong, and as a result, I was sent to the dreaded time out chair as a consequence of my actions. Naturally, I developed a deep loathing for sitting and tried to make it as entertaining for me as possible by contorting my body or leaning to the side, which heavily contributed the development of my poor posture. Even now as an adult, I still slouch and, while necessary, sitting still isn’t an enjoyable activity.

Even if you can’t exactly relate, I’m pretty sure at some point you’ve experienced sitting in a poor seat and desperately wished for a seat cushion (New York City subways after a long night out and about? Ouch!). And, let’s be honest. Seat cushions are great and everything, but after about six months, they’re as flat as a pancake and only make sitting even more uncomfortable. I still can’t figure out why it’s taken people so long to revolutionize seat cushions, especially with all of the breakthroughs in mattress technology; they’re kind of the same thing, right? Only seats happen on a tinier scale.

forever comfy

On the bright side, someone has finally heeded my unspoken pleas and invented a cushion worthy of more than two minutes of sitting. The Forever Comfy is designed to be, well, forever comfy! I can’t say it will be comfy forever because life’s too short to spend forever on a chair cushion, but it sure is comfortable. The cushion is uniquely constructed – like plenty of other chair cushions, it’s partially made of foam, but instead of just being a plain hunk of it, it has a layer of gel nested into it for added comfortable, so sitting is a good deal more enjoyable.

So, Why the Forever Comfy Cushion?

forever-comfy-cushionForever Comfy is designed to be used on hard wooden and metal chairs to provide a comfortable sitting solution for longer periods of time. You’re probably aware that poor sitting arrangements can cause discomfort and pain, but what you may not have known is that poor posture from a poor chair can cause severe back pain and even spinal cord damage if it goes on for a prolonged period! Forever Comfy is designed to alleviate pressure on the thighs, back, and buttocks, encouraging better posture.

These cushions work great for driving, too. If you need a couple more inches that your seat can’t provide, or just find the driver’s seat less desirable than it should be, just throw the Forever Comfy on the seat and go.

Unlike other chair cushions that just sit there, the Forever Comfy’s gel layer enables it to contour to your body for added comfort. The gel layer moves with you, so you’re not just compacting foam as you shift about. Other gel cushions are great and everything, but they usually don’t have anything protecting them from punctures and tears. The foam layers help to form protection for you and the gel, while adding to the support that the gel layer provides.

One of the things I always hated about chair cushions, especially the ones I snatched from couches or my grandmother’s chairs was that they were always stuffed with some unusually heavy material in addition to foam. Forever Comfy is extremely lightweight and easy to move around the house so you can take it from the dinner table to the computer to the couch and anywhere else you desire.

forever-comfy-cushion-reviewsYou could forget about washing those heavy cushions, too. I once managed to stuff one into the washing machine, but getting it out was a nightmare (I had to dissect it for it to happen). Forever Comfy has a removable faux-sheepskin cover that can easily be tossed in the washing machine when it needs to be refreshed.

Final Thoughts

Forever Comfy is designed to help relieve backaches and make sitting a more pleasant experience. These well-made cushions do their job so well, you would expect them to cost a fortune, but they don’t. Forever Comfy is available for just $19.99 plus an additional $9.95 for shipping and handling. For a limited time, the manufacturer is offering an extra Forever Comfy cushion with your purchase for just the cost of shipping and handling.

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