The Forearm Forklift is an easy to use product that enables you to move heavy furniture and other items by utilizing the power of your own forearms! Your back, knees, and shoulders are prone to strain and injury when you move heavy items around. However, these Forklift straps promote proper and safe lifting practices which in turn makes it less likely that you will experience or injury or strain while moving an object. In fact, the product is accepted by OSHA. Additionally, it makes moving heavy items much easier by using leverage and redistribution of the object’s weight.
Forearm Forklift
Are you wondering how to use Forearm Forklift?  It’s simple! The Forklift straps work by crossing the straps and placing them under the item you plan to move. You then squat slightly and slide the straps onto your forearms. Place your hands flat against the item you are moving and stand up. You can then begin to move and relocate the object with a greater level of ease.

If you have tried tirelessly to move cumbersome or extremely heavy furniture, appliances, or other items, you know how frustrating and physically taxing it can be. When items are nearly too heavy to lift, it is more likely that you will damage other surfaces in your home as you attempt to move the items. We all know someone who has scratched a wall, dented a floor, or even dropped a heavy item and damaged a part of their home while moving items. The Forklift makes moving items much easier. In turn, you are less likely to damage parts of your home.

Positives for the Forearm Forklift

  • These moving straps are 9 feet long which makes them very versatile
  • The Forearm Forklift moving straps are adjustable up to 48 inches
  • The straps are very durable and are made from a high quality nylon material
  • The straps come in pink and orange (you choose the color you want)
  • The straps can accommodate most sized items and objects
  • Proper use of the Forklift straps decrease the likelihood of strain or injury while moving items
  • The straps can be easily stored in various storage areas due to their small, compact size
  • You can use the straps to move items that weigh up to 700 pounds
  • The Forklift straps are sold at a very reasonable price
  • Use of the product can make heavy items feel up to 66% lighter when you move them

Purchasing the Forearm Forklift

Although you can purchase the Forearm Forklift from several different retailers, we highly recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Customers on other retailers’ websites have complained about receiving knockoff products that do not work very well or hold up as long as the authentic version of the Forklift straps does. Also, if for some reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of the Forklift straps, you can get your money refunded (minus the shipping and handling fees). The Forklift costs $19.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling which will vary slightly.

The Final Word on the Forearm Forklift

The customer reviews for the Forklift straps are consistently positive. This product works the way it claims it does. It is important to note that your personal level of physical strength will have some impact on how well this product works for you. If you do not have a great deal of arm strength, you may still find that it is difficult to move extremely heavy items even with the help of the Forearm Forklift.

Of the few complaints I saw about this product, I saw a common theme of people experiencing discomfort in their arms or legs when moving items with the help of this product. As I mentioned above, some of your success (or lack thereof) with this product will depend on your personal level of strength. For individuals who are extremely strong, moving heavy furniture or appliances with the help of the Forklift straps will likely be quite easy. For those who have minimal strength, the product likely will still be helpful but they may continue to experience some difficult. Another disadvantage of this product is that you typically need 2 people to use it properly. You can use the Forklift straps to move some items on your own, but you will usually need 2 people to move larger and heavier items.

Despite the few complaints or cons mentioned above, this is still a very solid investment for people who move items around frequently. By using this product in lieu of a professional moving company, you will certainly save yourself money. The product retails for $19.95, which is a very good value for a product that can be used over and over again. Overall, we recommend this product for anyone who moves items around their home frequently.

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