Flex Seal Review – The Rubber Sealant Spray

Flex Seal is a versatile sealant product that makes common repairs much easier by eliminating expensive repairs or multi-step processes. This product is great for use on anything from household repairs to waterproof repairs for marine vessels.

flex seal


  • Heavy duty rubber sealant
  • Easy spray on application
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile


  • Clings to everything, so watch your fingers

flex-sealI’m sure I’m not the only person who has pulled a boat out of storage after a long winter only to find that last year’s holes have yet to be patched. I don’t enjoy using epoxy putty – it’s not pliable at all and they make you knead it, it doesn’t stick to anything as it promises to and if you’re lucky enough to get it to stick, it takes all of eight hours to dry. It never really brings me peace of mind, either. I always worry that the moment the boat hits the water, that epoxy will take a leisure swim straight down to the bottom of the bay and never be found again.

Flex Seal provides a much easier alternative for small holes. This wonderful product makes household repairs a walk in the park (literally; you’ll have time to actually take a walk with how quick this is), and can be used for a variety of applications (case in point, the boat). All you have to do is spray it on.

So, Why Flex Seal?

It works just as well as caulk would, but it’s not caulk. It’s a heavy duty liquid rubber sealant that seeps into small holes and hardens to keep leaks sealed. It works excellently for sealing drafty holes, pipes, cracks in ceramic, patching or grafting hoses, and just about any application where you would desire a heavy-duty glue that’s guaranteed to stay. And it’s not limited to just repairs – consumers have reported using it for other applications, such as creating a spray-on non-slip surface for porch stoops or stairs.

flex seal

flex-seal-reviewsThe secret behind is versatility is a unique rubber compound that dries while holding tight to surfaces that need bonding. The rubber allows it to still remain flexible, making it the perfect solution for hoses, vinyl, rubber and any other surface that requires a moderate amount of expansion under pressure. Flex Seal is guaranteed to hold your materials in place and will never crack under pressure, making it the perfect product to have on hand in emergencies when you need a quick, strong fix.

Flex Seal is incredibly easy to use—if you can use a spray can, you can use this; no special caulking guns required. Simply clean the area you’re repairing with soap and water, ensuring no soap residue is left behind for optimal clinging on contact. Let the area dry completely, and then spray your first coat of Flex Seal onto the area to be repaired. For best results, hold the can about a foot away from the surface to allow the sealant to evenly coat the area, and use even side-to-side motions. Let the first layer dry completely (about three to five minutes) before applying another coat. For best results, gradually build up the layers; it’s better to apply several thin coats than one thick coat that may not dry thoroughly. Each layer works to create a permanent water tight bond—if one layer is broken, you’ll have a few good layers underneath to protect your project.

For best results, do not apply Flex Seal to wet surfaces. Although the sealant will more than likely adhere to the surface, water will prevent it from sticking as best as it can, and can even cause air bubbles to form, which will lead to further problems. Avoid applying Flex Seal in rain or humid weather – the moisture in the air will keep it from performing at its best.

Final Thoughts

flex-seal-rubber-sprayFlex Seal is an ideal product for many household applications – you can use it to coat shingles to prevent rain from leaking into your home, seal gutter leaks, or flowerpot cracks. One fourteen ounce can of flex seal is enough to seal up to twelve feet, depending on how much you need for each part.

Flex Seal is available in two color options—original, which yields a charcoal-grey seal, and brite, which creates an off-white seal. For a limited time, when ordered from the official website you can receive an aero-sprayer handle that makes spraying for an extended amount of time easier on your hands. Flex Seal is available for just $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping and handling, but when purchased from the official website, you can receive an additional can for just the cost of shipping and handling.

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  1. Hey man….I have some minor/intermediate rusting going on on the wheel well of my truck…..after using a rust primer….I have used FLEX SEAL as a waterproofer and overall repellant as we get into the New England winter….I. used rust pr….imer ov. er the rust , then the FLEX SEAL…..so far it s excellent….the weather has been rainy and even in the not so perfect application temp, it s doing a fantastic job…..I sprayed under the undercarrige of my truck and its holding up well. Very impressive…multiple thin layers is the BEST way to apply..I’ve been in the paint business for 7 years and id say this stuff is better than rustoleum s rubber , what have you….the rustoleum cracks…the FLEX SEAL stays flexible and doesn t crack

    1. I’m very happy to hear it worked for you. As I said in the review, I was very happy with my results using Flex Seal.

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