EdenPure Heater Review – The Infrared Portable Heater

EdenPURE Heaters are cabinet heater units that feature a unique heating system with no exposed heating elements, providing a safe alternative to traditional space heaters and furnaces that pose a threat to pets and small children.

edenpure heater


  • Safe for use around pets and children
  • Saves you money on heating costs
  • No fumes or harmful byproducts
  • Preserves oxygen
  • Quiet operation


  • May require more than one unit to heat large homes
  • Electric; won’t hold up in the event of a power outage

edenpure-heaterWhen I was growing up, my parents were extremely frugal people when it came to things like home heating, putting off turning the furnace up until it we were at freezing point and they could no longer refrain. Living on the water didn’t help, either, because when the temperatures dropped and the edges of the ocean turned to ice, keeping the house warm was a battle that the even the joined forces of the furnace and space heaters couldn’t win. Needless to say, my parents haven’t changed much, so they’re constantly searching for alternative ways to heat their home.

The EdenPURE line of heaters seemed like an excellent option, especially considering they had never owned a cabinet heater before, and the exterior was extremely more appealing than any space heater they had ever had before. The half hour after setup (which was as simple as removing from the box and plugging the unit into the wall outlet) was a half hour of them standing baffled and confused about how the unit worked (and brought them to the conclusion of magic).

So, Why the EdenPURE Heater?

But the secret behind the EdenPURE line of heaters isn’t magic at all, it’s infrared technology. Infrared heating works by sending light waves that aren’t visible to the naked eye into the air, which warms up the surrounding area (think of how a ray of sunlight makes a spot warm, but shaded parts of the room aren’t as warm). It’s estimated that almost 22,000 residential fires per year are a result of improper usage of or neglect during the use of heating equipment. Infrared technology is a step towards safer home heating, because it eliminates the use of exposed heating elements that could catch on clothing or hair and start a fire.

edenpure heater

edenpure-portable-heaterThe benefits don’t stop there, either. Using an infrared heater like one from the EdenPURE heater line is proven to improve air quality in your home, because they don’t damage oxygen or completely eliminate humidity from the air, so you can breathe easier – both literally and figuratively, especially knowing that your chances of airborne pollutants aren’t increased. Because EdenPURE heaters don’t rely on burning anything to provide heat, they reduce the risk of carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases floating around your home. You’ll sleep better knowing that there’s no risk of combustion from flammable gases and you’ll never have to deal with cleaning soot or encountering smoke in your home.

Using EdenPURE heaters is also an excellent way to cut back on your heating costs. Most heating companies encourage you to turn your thermostat back a few degrees – something the majority of us in colder, northern locations can’t afford to do. Instead, saving energy by heating only the spaces you need to use will save you a lot of money. Besides, EdenPURE heaters are surprisingly energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about your electricity costs skyrocketing if you choose to make the switch.

EdenPURE heaters also feature quiet operation. That’s not to say that you won’t hear it operating at all, but in comparison to my latest space heater that sounded like a diesel engine idling, there’s just a gentle purr that will fade into background noise before you know it. Depending on the temperature that the thermostat is set at, the unit’s fan will cycle on and off to maintain a desired heat in the room, or just periodically move air over the internal thermometer for an accurate room temperature reading. Aside from that, the operation of the unit is completely silent.

The units have an appealing exterior, especially for a space heater, featuring a cabinet design with a wood finish decorative enough to function as a low table for a small vase or decorative, inflammable home accent. The units are set on four wheels, which make it really easy to move from room-to-room. It’s sturdily built, so that if children and pets climb up on it (or even if an adult sits on it; not recommended, but hey, it happens), the unit will not collapse or cave in. At the same time, EdenPURE heaters are surprisingly lightweight.

Final Thoughts

edenpure-electric-heaterEdenPURE heaters vary in price range from around $150 to upwards of $400, and are available directly from the manufacturer or for purchase in select stores. The units vary in size and style for different sized homes and purposes. All units are covered by a three year manufacturer’s warranty which ensures replacement or repair of any damaged or defective product.

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