Growing up, I remember my grandmother always struggling to keep her wood floors, cabinets and furniture clean. Things could get really messy in the kitchen as the wooden cabinets would accumulate grime and grease from cooking, although keeping the floors and end tables clean and dusted were likewise big challenges.

When it came time to buy a home for myself, I opted for hardwood floors, knowing full-well that I’d have to spend a lot of time keeping them clean. It’s incredibly frustrating, but I love the look of my floors, so I just kept cleaning them, though it seemed as that the time needed between each wax kept getting shorter.

I complained about this once to a friend, who told me about this different kind of wood treatment called Dutch Glow. It’s based on an Amish secret for taking care of wood. I couldn’t believe how well it worked: It’s not a wax, in fact, it can remove sticky layers of wax and silicone (along with all the dirt they attract), leaving your wood with an incredible shine.

Dutch Glow Perks

Here are the things I like about Dutch Glow:Dutch Glow

  • Spray bottle makes Dutch Glow easy to apply.

  • No wax or silicone build-up or residue.

  • No sticky residue means that your wood surfaces and furniture no longer attract dust.

  • Dutch Glow protects wood and results in a lovely, natural shine.

The only issue with the product is that it can’t be used on other surfaces, it’s formulated for wood only. You’ll need other cleaners for other household tasks.

Where to Find Dutch Glow

The official website for Dutch Glow offers a good deal: A 30 day money-back guarantee, along with an extra bottle of Dutch Glow and a polishing cloth – all for just an additional shipping and handling charge. There’s also a slight difference between the two bottles: The first bottle has a spray top, while the second is a squeeze top that’s suitable for applying to the product to floors.

Final Recommendation

Having wood floors and furniture doesn’t have to mean spending hours each week cleaning, or living with dust. . .Dutch Glow allows you to quickly and easily clean and protect your wood furnishings. Give it a try and see how it stacks up to the products you’ve been using.

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