DuroMax 10000 Watt Generator Review – The Portable XP10000E Machine

The DuroMax XP10000E is a rugged generator designed for versatile, easy use for applications such as powering homes or power tools. Capable of an output of up to 10,000 watts, this powerful generator certainly provides big bang for your buck.

duromax xp10000e


  • Up to 10,000 watt output
  • Versatile
  • Quiet operation
  • Keyed start up
  • Easy operation


  • The Legs and battery connection is located in a non-ideal spot, and may be difficult to reach/assemble at first
  • So quiet you’ll forget it’s running (72 decibels)
  • Neighbors will be tempted to borrow power

Weather forecasters always warn us about the importance of preparing for a storm—natural disasters seem to be running more rampant than ever, and although some forecasts are frequently moot, we can never seem to know far enough in advance that a storm is coming to blow us off the grid. After hurricane Sandy left much of the tri-state area without power for almost an entire month, I could no longer underestimate the value of having your own generator. Finding an adequate one is a daunting task—in the height of a blackout, you’ll probably only care about having one that works, but shopping wisely for a long lasting one that works for all of your needs is worth the time.

So, Why the XP10000E?

duromax-10000-watt-generatorThe DuroMax XP10000E is an affordable choice, designed to be powerful, efficient, and rugged enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether you’re looking to just keep your essential appliances like refrigerators and stoves running, or need to power tools in remote locations, the XP10000E is built to withstand constant use.

The DuroMax XP10000E is a reliable choice for home power back up or as an electrical source during natural disasters, construction sites, and mobile power for RVs and boats. It’s capable of an output of up to 10,000 watts and is equipped with an engine cooling feature so it never overheats, which means you can operate at higher outputs for longer periods of time.

The XP10000E generator is built using heavy duty grade steel, and has four separated mounted with vibration reducing technology. This, coupled with a uniquely designed exhaust system, allows this generator to operate at surprisingly low volume – only 72 decibels— even with its powerful 16 horse power overhead valve engine.

duromax xp10000e

Despite its heavy construction, the DuroMax XP10000E generator is designed with ease of use in mind – in fact, almost anyone can start it. All it takes is a simple turn of the starter key or a quick tug on the EZ-start recoil to power up this unit. This generator has a tank that can hold 8.3 gallons of fuel for a total run time of 10 continuous hours on one tank – but of course, that varies depending on how much power you’re pulling from the machine. The DuroMax XP10000E is designed for the environmentally conscious, and even passes EPA and CARB standards. The unit is built with an advanced automatic voltage regulator system, and the alternators use all copper windings for maximum conduction.

duromax-10000-watt-generator-reviewsOne beneficial feature of this generator is its low-fuel level shut off feature. When the fuel drops below a certain level, the unit will automatically shut off to prevent burnout of the machine, or excessive harmful fumes from fuel residue. This feature preserves the life of the unit and ensures a long life of continuous power output over time.

The DuroMax XP10000E has a full featured power panel that balances power and functionality. Two protected 120v 20-amp outlets supply the same type and amount of power as standards household units, so you can power anything from washing machines, to TVs, to vacuums. It also has an additional 30 amp 120/240 V and 50 amp heavy duty outlet that’s activated on twist which is perfect for high power applications like power tools and RV power sources. The generator is equipped with a 12 volt DC output for battery recharging.

You don’t have to worry about power overloads, either. The DuroMax XP10000E is equipped with a 33.3 Amp dual circuit breaker volt meter which enables you to keep an eye on your power output at all times. Best of all, the unit won’t start without the key, so you don’t have to worry about strangers stealing your power.

duromax-xp10000e-panelThe generator is quite heavy, so it’s equipped with wheels to make it easy to move when you need to. Unlike other units with inflatable tires that get flat at the most inopportune times, the DuroMax XP10000E uses special never-flat tires that ensure you’ll never have to worry about flat tires, no matter where you take your generator.

It’s also equipped with energy saving features, like the Idle Control Auto Throttle switch. When switched on, this feature allows the unit to lower the motor’s RPM when no power is being drawn to save fuel. When power is needed again, the unit will automatically increase the amount of RPM. In addition to the low fuel shutoff feature, the unit’s exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrestor to prevent fires.

The DuroMax 10000 Watt Generator XP10000E is available for just $1,099 (sometimes less) and is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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