DermaTend Review – All Natural Skin Tag Removal

DermaTend is a natural solution to skin tags and moles, designed to provide rapid, affordable relief to skin problems. This product provides a safer, more affordable alternative to expensive dermatology procedures that do not guarantee that the problem will not reoccur. If you’re interested in skin tag removal, you may also be interested in our Tag Away review.



  • All natural formula
  • Safe and easy to se
  • Affordable
  • Quick acting formula
  • Pain free


  • Not as effective on really severe moles
  • Might be problematic for those allergic or sensitive to bloodroot

dermatendIf you’ve had a mole or skin tag at any point in your life, you know how embarrassing it can be to live with it. You always feel inclined – no, obligated, to cover it up, because when people see it, they stare as if it’ll grow a head and start singing. Dermatologists visits are a viable option, but they’re costly, often even more embarrassing than the original situation, and require lengthy, frequent visits that you just don’t have time for.

So, Why the DermaTend Skin Tag Remover?

DermaTend is a topical all-natural solution to moles, skin tags, and other embarrassing skin blemishes. It provides real results in reasonable amounts of time, so you can kiss painful procedures and expensive surgeries good bye and still enjoy flawless skin. DermaTend’s powerful formula enables it to rapidly remove skin tags and moles while still being gentle enough for everyday use.

And it’s extremely easy to use, too. I’ve heard stories of people having to have operations done with tons of follow-up visits, essentially having to jump through hoops just to find a way to get rid of skin tags and moles. DermaTend just requires your commitment in applying the ointment for several days, after which, a scar will begin to form and soon fall off, leaving your skin mole and skin-tag free.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to: resist your nagging urges to pick at it and speed up the process; it won’t work, and you’re just going to leave a blemish or scar mark in its place, which frankly, isn’t fun. When used properly and allowed to work its magic, DermaTend will leave no visible reminders of moles, skin tags, or scars behind.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, but DermaTend is made of Butter of Zinc, Sanguinaria Canadensis (common name, Bloodroot) and vegetable glycerin. Bloodroot has acidic properties that penetrate the top layer of your skin to reach down and target the cause of the problem. The zinc butter will then help dry the mole or skin tag from the inside out, causing it to scar and leave your skin looking refreshed.

dermatend-reviewBecause DermaTend is made with only natural ingredients, it’s safe enough to use frequently on most parts of your body. Although generous applications are typically not necessary, it’s safe enough to use in higher concentrations for more problematic areas with multiple skin imperfections. The ointment is safe enough to use on children, too, but be sure to consult a doctor before use on children under six.

The instructions recommend agitating the surface of the mole or skin tag just before the initial application, just enough to allow for mild scarring to form on top to encourage the ointment to sink deeper into your skin. The deeper it sinks, the more effective the result. The acidity of bloodroot might cause your skin to sting or tingle, but is otherwise completely pain-free and safe to use. Rinse the affected area after application, and all that’s left to do is wait for DermaTend to do what it does best.

DermaTend is available in two formulas to better suit your needs. The original formula is ideal for minor skin imperfections, like newly developing warts and skin blemishes, and will begin to show results within 3-4 days from the initial application. It’s also available in an ultra-strength formula, with more potent concentrations of bloodroot to target more severe moles and skin tags. Results of the ultra-strength formula typically appear within 24-48 hours after application. DermaTend is available in two sizes; the normal size contains enough ointment to treat up to 30 moles or skin tags, and the small container contains enough to treat 15 skin imperfections.

Each order of DermaTend ultra-stregth comes with a complimentary half-ounce jar of quick-healing balm, which helps speed up the skin healing process by replenishing the skin with natural vitamins and minerals, while reducing the potential for lingering scars.

Final Thoughts

Of course, as with any product, consult a doctor immediately if you feel there is any excessive pain, allergic reactions, or rashes in response to application.

The original DermaTend formula is available from the manufacturer’s official website for just $39.95 plus shipping and handling. The Ultra-strength formula is available in two purchasing options; one tube for just $69.95, or two tubes for $99.95, both of which come with the complimentary healing balm. Your purchase is backed up with a 60 day money-back guaranteed to protect you in the event that this product is not right for you.

Here’s a consumer video review posted on YouTube:

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