ChaLean Extreme Review – The 3 Month Workout System from Chalene Johnson

If you’re looking for a change of pace in your workouts or just want to try something new, the ChaLean Extreme program could be for you. Designed by Chalene Johnson to burn fat and tone muscle for astonishing results in just three months, this workout program is tailored for busy schedules. For another Beachbody workout program, check out our 10 Minute Trainer review I recently posted.

chalean extreme


  • Motivational and easy to stay committed to
  • Simplifies workouts and provides guidance
  • Comes with simple meal plans for healthier eating
  • Gradually increases in intensity
  • Great for anyone looking to get into shape


  • Can be difficult for those not comfortable with weight lifting
  • Requires patience; results don’t happen overnight

I’m nearly sure it’s safe to say that at least one point in our lives, we’ve all made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, become healthier, or any different name you want to call it, so we’ve dragged ourselves out of our daily routines and into a more active one that didn’t really suit us, but the image of a perfectly toned body kept us going for a week. Or Two. Three, if you were dedicated. And by four, you know you really deserved that extra bowl of ice cream that sent you into the same place you were before and left you making the same resolution a year later.

Consolatory truth be told: few people adhere to those crazy work out regimes unless:

  1. They’re crazy enough to stay dedicated
  2. They’re paying hundreds for a personal trainer, or
  3. They have some sort of workout program/company to keep them dedicated

And I’m not talking about the gym routine list you scrawled on a tiny piece of paper, or the best friend-turned-workout-buddy that convinces you to order the large movie popcorn so she doesn’t feel guilty chowing down on hers.

So, Why ChaLean Extreme?

chalene-johnsonMost of us don’t care to waste time with workout program DVDs where the hosts sport bodies that clearly have not been achieved through the same routines that have us foolishly waving our arms and hopping around the living room. Simply put, they’re boring, and the proof for that is the fact that our bodies get bored of the routines and stop responding when we’re silly enough to do it for more than a month. ChaLean Extreme brings a different assortment of workouts to the table – ones that will keep your body guessing what will happen next, and as a result, actually works.

The ChaLean Extreme program is designed to burn fat with less effort by performing activities that raise your metabolism enough to keep your body burning calories even after the workout’s complete. This program combines cardio exercises and resistance training to bring all of the benefits of a thorough gym workout to your living room.

chalean extreme

The product claims to guarantee a 60% chance of results in just three months, and I believe it. No, ladies, you can’t do this every few weeks and get the whole platter of results at the end of three months – you have to put some effort in, but it’s pleasant effort. The program boasts a gradual three-step training regime that will tone your muscles while burning fat and strengthening your body.

chalean-extreme-resultsChaLean Extreme starts the program off by teaching you how to maintain proper form throughout your workout (something I neglected for years; I mean, the weights were heavy. Why not lean forward and take the pressure off my back?). The program encourages the use of resistance bands and/or weights – both of which achieve excellent results—throughout this slower-paced phase to allow you to become familiar with how they work and feel. This step is designed to gradually allow your body to get used to new movements while raising your metabolism to help burn excessive fat. The first phase targets your upper body and strengthens your cardiovascular system, before gradually descending towards lower body fitness.

The second phase of the ChaLean Extreme programs teaches you to lift heavier weights, while maintaining correct posture and not straining your body. As the weights increase, more muscles are built and the fat burning process becomes more rapid and intense. At the end of this phase, your body will start to show some, if not significant, results.

The third and final phase combines new routines and movements that keep your body from growing too familiar with regular weight lifting routines. In this phase, you are using all of the skills you previously acquired in the first and second phases, but just stretched your muscles in new directions to keep them from becoming stagnant.

Final Thoughts

The ChaLean Extreme program includes 6 DVDs for a total of 15 workouts. When ordered directly from the manufacturer, you receive bonus extras at no additional course, which includes: Ab Burner and Extreme Abs bonus workouts, a fat burning food guide, a resistance band, thigh toner band, and bonus bonuses, such as the body fat measurer and Muscle Burns Fat guidebook, which includes a calendar to schedule your workouts.


ChaLean Extreme is designed to be used over a three month period, with each phase spanning the course of three days. As with any change in workout regime and dieting, consult your physician before beginning, especially if you feel you will be put at risk by any activities. This program is available for just 3 monthly payments of $29.95 (plus $19.95 shipping and handling), and is covered by a 90 day money back guarantee.

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