Canada Green Grass Seed Review – An Easy Route for Lawn Care?

Canada Green Grass is a four-grass blend of hardy grasses resistant to temperature, weeds, insects, and frequent usage. It requires very low maintenance to maintain a lush, green appearance, making it an excellent choice for the lazy gardener.

canada green grass


  • Stays Green
  • Easy to plant and maintain
  • Insect repellent
  • Weed resistant
  • Self-replenishing, perennial


  • Will kill the remainder of your lawn work ethic
  • Spreads (a good thing, and a bad thing, depending on where you plant)

canada-green-grassMy grandfather was a huge advocate of green grass, believing firmly that no lawn should ever have brown spots and went to extreme lengths to make sure that the majority, if not all, of the houses on his street maintained a well groomed patch of green throughout the year. He even went as far as tending the other lawns himself, getting up before sunrise and bribing dogs to make sure he could water the neighbors’ lawns without being yelled at.

Eventually, everyone gave in and found some way to enjoy the free lawn service, but I still don’t think anyone completely understood his obsession with green grass, me included. At any rate, his dedication to grass has lead me to appreciate green grass, but I just don’t have the patience or skill to maintain it.

So, Why Canada Green Grass?

I wish I had learned of Canada Green Grass sooner, because if I had, I probably could’ve saved my parents’ lawn from several summers of being the lone brown patch on the block. I never could find the medium between over watering and under watering a lawn (water is water, right? Shouldn’t plants have a hidden reservoir to store what they don’t use for later?) And the moment my grandfather told me that grass had to be watered and fed at certain times of the day, was the moment it all stopped making sense. Grass needing food was just preposterous.

Canada Green Grass is a blend of specially selected grass seeds that yields a hardy, lush lawn in a short amount of time. This grass blend was derived in Canada, where weather conditions are usually less than desirable, by choosing the most resistant types of grasses that withstand all sorts of freak Canada weather—drought, freezing, lots of rain and snow, etc.

canada green grass

The chosen grasses in this blend include creeping red fescue, perennial ryegrass, annual ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass. The mixture also has organic base fertilizer in it to encourage healthy, rapid growth, as well as Vermiculite, which helps to develop immunity against pesky little insects that think your lawn is snack heaven for them.

canada-perfect-green-grassThe grass blend has a surprisingly quick growing time, too. In less than two weeks, your lawn will be lush and green, at any point in the season, not just the first few weeks of spring when everything has to grow. Depending on climate and growing conditions, the grass may not even take that long to develop.

The combination of quick-growing hardy grasses makes for a grass clump that will grow pretty much anywhere

, including on concrete. However, to ensure that your grass successfully takes root and lasts for many season to come, a little bit of elbow grease is a good idea. For new applications, till the soil 3 to four inches deep – damper soil is not just easier to till, but easier for roots to penetrate and take hold. Rake the loose soil to remove any debris and large rocks. Raking also creates little channels for the seeds to fall into, giving them a better chance of rooting and not being eaten by passing sparrows.

Distribute the seed across the raked ground, and gently rake them into the soil, being careful not to bury them too deep, or they won’t be able to grow. A quarter to a half inch deep is usually all it takes. And of course, the part I’m bound to forget: water the ground with a gentle shower spray to provide hydration to the seeds and encourage them to root, but not too much! Too much water will drown or wash the seeds away. The grass will take root and begin to sprout within 3-4 days, and a full lawn should be visible in about two weeks.

Final Thoughts

canada-green-grass-seedRemember to exercise care in the first few weeks following planting; too much trampling will damage the grass. Do not mow the lawn until the blades are at least three inches high. From then on, frequent but moderate watering is all it will take to maintain your lawn (but if you forget, chances are, it’ll still be green when you come back).

This type of grass is extremely resistant to changing weather conditions as well as frequent trampling from feet, making it the perfect turf choice for active families. In fact, this blend of grass is most commonly used on golf courses, where golf putts will tear at grass and golf carts will smush the blades. Not only is it bug resistant, it’s also weed resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about dandelions rearing their yellows heads in a parade across your lawn.

When it comes to Canada Green Grass, a little bit goes a surprisingly long way. A 3.3 pound bag is available from the official website for just $16.99, and will cover up to 1600 sq ft. If you need a larger quantity, an 8.8 pound bag is available for just $29.95 for a limited time.

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