Callous Clear Review – Does This Callous Solution Work?

Callous Clear is a topical cosmetic product formulated to remove callouses efficiently without time consuming, extensive procedures and expensive products. Callous Clear is safe and easy to use and requires very little additional maintenance.

callous clear


  • Easy to use
  • Removes callouses
  • Softens skin
  • Saves time and money


  • Messy
  • Doesn’t protect against future callouses

callous-clear-reviewsIf you’re one of those people who have tried home remedies for corns and callouses that didn’t work, it might seem futile to pursue any other options that don’t involve going to a spa. However, for the spa-phobic among us, that’s not always a viable option – germs running rampant among tools that aren’t thoroughly cleaned, foot baths that are only rinsed, not washed – the overall experience can just be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and sometimes traumatic. Callous clear is a home remedy that is proven to work on hard feet for a smoother, softer appearance.

As an athlete who never had time for pampering, I can say firsthand that the wonder of quick home remedies can never be overpraised. The secret behind its success is a special formula containing mild concentrations of thioglycolic acids that gently “eat” away at toughened skin to make it pliable and penetrates through layers of it to make it removable, so you can say good bye to painful callouses in just one application. Of course for larger, tougher callouses, more than one application may be necessary.

So, Why Callous Clear?

Callous Clear is very easy to use. Simply apply the ointment to one of the provided adhesive pads and apply it to the calloused area, being careful not to apply any to unaffected areas. Let sit for five to ten minutes and then remove the patch. It’s normal to feel a tingling sensation after the product is applied, but any pain or burning sensations should be investigated, and a doctor should be consulted immediately if any allergic reactions or rashes occur.

callous clear

After removing the patch, the skin should peel away easily. Consumers can also use the included scraper file to agitate the area to remove any excess dead skin, and leave behind softer, moisturized skin. Tougher callouses may require more intense agitation (don’t be afraid to use a standard foot file!), and or more applications. In addition to it removing callouses, Callous Clear helps to remove corns and other foot imperfections, penetrating deep under dried, idle skin to revitalize the healthy skin trapped beneath.

Proper care and frequent moisturizing will optimize and prolong the results of Callous Clear. To encourage this, the ointment is currently available with a softening ointment formulated to further soften skin and keep it soft and moisturized after callouses are removed. For a limited amount of time, the manufacturer is also offering a soothing heel balm at no additional cost (a product you’ll definitely want if the callous-removing process involves vigorous scrubbing!). The soothing heel balm cools the area, reducing any temporary inflammation and neutralizes acids, alleviating any remaining tingling sensations caused by the callous removing formula. This three-step process ensures that your feet will remain ultra-soft with little to no maintenance for weeks to come.

callous-clearCallous Clear ointment is surprisingly inexpensive in comparison to spa treatments that require repeated visits and/or charge a ridiculous labor fee. Callous clear yields results in just one application, in less than 20 minutes – a price in time and money that spa treatments just can’t beat. In addition to saving you money, this callous removing formula will save you from being embarrassed every time your shoes come off, so you can walk barefooted with confidence, knowing there are no unsightly skin defects plaguing your feet. While the formula doesn’t protect against future callouses (that would take completely redesigning how skin functions!), it’s so easy to use that keeping callouses at bay should never be a problem again.

Final Thoughts

As wonderful as Callous Clear is, the application process can get a little messy. The adhesive pads help to control the disaster zone, but I recommend taking your time with it and applying it slowly so that the ointment doesn’t get everywhere (it will harmlessly sting gentler skin, so be careful!). It helps to cover your work surface with newspaper or plastic bags to avoid damaging anything important (as the abrasive acids will damage things), and to thoroughly rinse anything that comes in contact with it after use, as well as properly dispose of the pads and any other materials.

Callous clear is available from the manufacturer for just $10.00 plus an additional $6.99 for shipping and handling (estimated between two and six weeks). Along with the Callous Clear callous-removing formula, you’ll receive a 4.2 ounce container of the softening ointment and 4.2 ounces of soothing heel balm. You’ll also receive four adhesive callous removing patches, and a two-in-one foot scraper and abrasive file to further soften your feet. For a limited amount of time the manufacturer is offering a second tube of callous removing cream for just the cost of shipping and handling. Plus, if you order soon, you’ll receive a complimentary $15 gift card towards any As-Seen-on-TV product purchase from

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