Will Butterfly Abs Work for You?

Everyone wishes they could have rock-hard abs. Even more so, everyone wishes they could have rock-hard abs without doing any hard work. It would be great to simply lounge by the pool or sit on the couch while building muscle. It sounds like a fantasy, but with electric muscle stimulation, it could be a reality. That’s what Butterfly Abs from www.butterflyabs.com promises, but is it really something that could work for you?


Butterfly Abs Review


Butterfly Ab Slimmer Review


– Goes on quickly and starts stimulating your abdominal muscles

– Can be used while you’re relaxing

– Grows muscle in the area underneath the pad as well as the surrounding muscles

– Completely reusable and washable adhesive pads

– Included battery is rechargeable via included USB cable

– Multiple settings for maximum comfort


– Not a replacement for diet and exercise

Butterfly Abs: What Is It?

Butterfly Abs ReviewButterfly Abs is a butterfly-shaped device that is attached to the stomach above the abdominal muscles that causes them to contract and relax repeatedly. This is accomplished through the use of FDA cleared Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology. The rechargeable unit sends electronic impulses through the adhesive pad “wings” of the product, which in turn delivers these impulses directly to the muscles. The muscles underneath and surrounding the pad are both worked repeatedly while you relax or go about your day. Essentially, you’re giving your abs a workout without having to do any kind of exercising.

Using the Butterfly Abs system is extremely easy as well. Users first should charge the unit using the included USB cable. This can be hooked into a wall charger or a computer USB port to charge the unit quickly. Once fully charged, the removable and reusable “wing” pads can be attached. After the wings are attached to the device, you can then use the adhesive side of the pad to strap the unit directly to the middle of the stomach. At this point you can select from up to 10 levels of intensity, allowing you to choose the level of stimulation that’s right for you. There are also six workout programs you can choose from as well, including Warm Up, Intermediate, Toning, Advanced Ab Cruncher, Core Blaster and Expert Iron Man. Once finished, the reusable adhesive pads can be washed for further use. Each order of the product even includes a workout guide and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How Well Does Butterfly Abs Work?

Our Butterfly ab slimmer review will show you that there aren’t many workout machines that literally do all of the work for you, but the Butterfly Abs device comes about as close as you’ll ever see. If you aren’t able or willing to put in the work to go to the gym everyday to work your abs, then this is likely the best solution for you. Strapping it on is simple, and once it’s on, it works your abs while you go about your day. You can strap it on and watch some TV or go shopping at the mall. Once you’re finished, the device will have worked your muscles for you automatically. This is especially great for those with back injuries that otherwise wouldn’t be able to work out on traditional gym equipment. While it likely isn’t a total replacement for exercise, it does allow you to work smart in toning your abs with ease.

Since the Butterfly Abs device comes with a wide variety of options as well, you can easily tailor it to fit your exact comfort level. If you haven’t really worked out your abs before, you can set the device on the lowest of the 10 intensity levels. As you get used to the device and your abdominal muscles tone up, you can slowly progress to a higher intensity level. The same can be said about the included workout routines. Starters will likely want to begin with the Warm Up routine, but with lots of use, you can easily work up to the Expert Iron Man routine. It’s all about being comfortable while the device does the hard work for you.


Butterfly Abs Review


The Butterfly Abs system is also worthwhile because of the high level of convenience it offers you. Obviously, the fact that it works your muscles for you is one such convenience, but that has already been mentioned. It is filled with other convenient features as well, such as the fact that it runs on an included rechargeable battery. This means that you don’t have to mess with long cords or wires while wearing the product. It can be charged with any standard USB port using the included USB cord and it’s ready to go in no time. The reusable adhesive pads are another convenient aspect of the product, allowing you to quickly attach the device to your stomach. Once you’re done, you don’t have to throw the pad away and waste your money. The pads can be cleaned easily for use again and again. Combined with the fact that the product can be hidden away under clothing, and you have one of the most convenient workout devices on the planet.

Potential Drawbacks of Butterfly Abs

Butterfly Abs is about as close to a miracle workout as you’re ever going to get, but it does have one slight drawback. In spite of how great it is, it is not a replacement for diet and exercise. If you truly want to get your entire body in shape, you’ll need cardiovascular exercise plus a healthy diet full of nutritional foods. That isn’t to say that this product isn’t a great supplement to a normal exercise regime and diet, but it isn’t a replacement.

Is Butterfly Abs Right For You?

If you need help in toning and building up your abs, then you can’t go wrong in getting the Butterfly Abs system. It’s quick, easy and it can be used while you relax. It even hides itself under your clothes so you can use it on the go without anyone realizing it. It’s filled with convenient features such as a rechargeable battery and reusable adhesive pads as well. And since it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, there isn’t any reason not to try it!

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