Bubble Guppies Toys Review – The Hot New Toys for Your Kids

Bubble Guppies Toys are small stuffed dolls in the shape of the characters from the Bubble Guppies TV show. Although they’re currently available in only three styles, your child is sure to fall in love with them.

bubble guppies toys


  • Adorable and fun
  • Soft plush – no small pieces to choke on
  • Small enough to be portable
  • Washable
  • Encourages learning


  • Only available in three characters
  • Your child will probably never stop singing the Bubble Guppies theme song
  • May need to invest in a set of ear plugs (see Con #2 above)

bubble-guppies-toys-reviewIf you have a small child in your life who loves the Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies TV Show, you know how important having matching toys and accessories is to them. There’s one small catch – toys and other products have been pretty much non-existent until recently, and even so, scoring one of these elusive toys seems to still be quite difficult. Fortunately, Nickelodeon has finally jumped on board and created three stuffed Bubble Guppies Dolls.

These dolls look exactly like the characters—there’s Molly, the smart, bubbly show host who loves singing and the spot light; Gil, the upbeat, curious co-host who always encourages a good laugh; and Bubble Guppy Puppy, the loyal, playful pup who loves popping bubbles. These characters encourage character development in children by having strong, positive traits that make learning, cooperation, and being a good friend seem fun, so children subconsciously learn about what’s important while watching the show and playing with their Bubble Guppies Toys.

So, Why Bubble Guppies Toys?

Although the Bubble Guppies Toys are unfortunately only available in the three main characters, there have been rumors about the expansion of the character doll set, so you can expect more characters to pop up on the market soon.

bubble-guppiesThe guppies reside in an imaginary marine town called Bubbletucky, where the guppies play, sing, and learn together, encouraging young viewers to learn with them. Kids learn about math, science, reading, music and much more in this comedic aquatic environment. Kids are drawn to the vibrant colors and catchy tunes, so accompanying toys are much overdue.

bubble guppies toys

These dolls are made from well-stitched, durable fabric and are well stuffed, so you don’t have to worry about the dolls going floppy with extensive play. The bodies are made out of a soft, fleecy cotton, and the tails are made of a shiny satin material so they shimmer just like you’d expect a mermaid to. Although the manufacturer’s marketing age is three and up, there are no buttons or small parts to worry about falling off, either, so they don’t pose a choking hazard to small children.

The dolls are only about 7-9 inches tall, so they’re the perfect size for children to marionette them in acting out TV scenes. Like the Seat Pets, they’re also the perfect toys for travelling—Whether your child needs a travel buddy to keep him or her from fussing in the car, or they need a familiar pal for school or overnight stays, these dolls fit perfectly inside a child’s backpack or duffel bag, so they can accompany them just about anywhere.

If your child loves the Bubble Guppies television program, they’ll be sure to become attached to these adorable stuffed dolls. However, as with most of the things that children become attached to, these will be prone to spills, stains, dragged around, and eventually will become dirty. Luckily the durable construction on these dolls ensure that they can be tossed in the washing machine with any load – just be sure not to use bleach. You’ll probably be tempted to toss them in the dryer afterwards, especially if your child is begging to be reunited with their favorite guppy, but to extend the life and shape of the dolls, refrain and let hang dry instead.

Final Thoughts

bubble-guppies-toysHaving a Bubble Guppy doll encourages kids to interact with the activities they see on television, such as counting and color recognition. The dolls also encourage children to stay focused as the televised guppies explore topics such as dinosaurs, music, cowboys, health, and school. Children will be able to relate to the on-screen characters as they begin to realize they’re just like them because they learn about the world around them through methods that are fun and interactive.

These toys keep children occupied for hours at a time, but don’t be surprised if your little one starts asking you to buy the other guppies.

Bubble Guppies Toys are available for about $11.99 each, although finding the officially licensed product can be a little tricky. They’re currently available from online retailers like Amazon and select chain store locations such as Toys R Us carry them, but if you’re looking for them, don’t hesitate. Supplies are limited and there’s no telling when they’ll return.

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