Bodylastics Resistance Bands Review – The D.G.S. Improved Workout System

Bodylastics bands are a series of exercise systems that feature bands of different tension weights that can be combined for more intense workouts. The systems are designed to be used independently or in conjunction with any video workout system of your choice.

bodylastics resistance bands


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Made with anti-snap technology
  • Perfect for All Skill Levels


  • Made with latex; not for those allergic to latex

bodylasticsI have a love-hate relationship with exercising and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I love the benefits that come with it, especially the feeling of accomplishment after an intense session, but sometimes doing the same motions over and over feels of a chore and slowly becomes less enjoyable. When it comes to working out, I’ll take as much variety as I can get. The problem I have with variation is that sometimes the things just don’t add up for an intense enough workout.

I started using standard resistant bands a few years ago, and my initial reaction to them was “Meh, not that exciting.” Tugging on a stretchy string in different directions got boring really fast, so I just couldn’t understand the appeal and excitement behind the Bodylastics system until I gave it a closer look. Instead of just being a monotone do-it-all, all-in-one band that claimed to work out every imaginable muscle and then some in your body, it’s easy to see how this system targets even the hard-to-work muscles.

So, Why the Bodylastics Bands?

The bands come in a variety of different systems, each at a higher tension weight. The program starts out at Basic, with bands reaching up to 56 pounds of resistance, and moves onto Max at 96 pounds, Max LT at 142, Strong at 202, Strong XT at 262, MMA at 328, and Super Human Strength at 404 pounds.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably paranoid about the possibility of snapping a band and injuring yourself in the process of working out. Bodylastics has designed their bands with Distance Governor Safety (D.G.S.) that works to prevent band mishaps by limiting the stretching range of the bands. The bands are fitted with a hidden high-tensile strength braided cord that prevents overstretching by restraining the cords from stretching too far. The braided cords is strong, but still stretchy, so your exercise won’t be compromised by uncooperative cords.

bodylastics resistance bands

The fear of snapping elastics has always gone hand in hand with the fear of handles breaking during exercise and it doesn’t help that it’s happened to me before. The Bodylastics systems are equipped with a unique handle design that enables them to withstand constant frequent use without posing any dangers to the user. The elastics are equipped with heavy strength aluminium clasps that allow the bands to easy attach and detach from the assorted handles and ankle bands, which also help to create varied tensile strengths, depending on the system you purchase.

bodylastics-trainingAnother unpleasant experience of elastics bands I’ve encountered is what I like to call the jerky band syndrome. I suppose lack of proper storage or just improper usage or maybe even aging contribute to the poor condition of rubber bands found at the gyms I’ve been to (because a manufacturer would never be silly enough to release a product that’s not easy to use, right?). The bands just don’t stretch right – sometimes they stretch too far with no effort or require a few tugs to stretch at all and we’re not talking about high tension bands, either. We’re talking bad rubber.

Bodylastics has carefully chosen the best elastic tubing they could find for their system, and each band is made of continuously dipped Malaysian latex for durability. It’s surprisingly lightweight, especially for something that can generate up to 400+ pounds of resistance, and is easy to use, store, and take care of. The elastic tubing is an excellent choice for this system because it generates a workout that’s easy on joints, making it a good choice for everyone, including the weak-kneed, but still delivers an intense work out to all of the muscle groups.

All Bodylastics resistance band systems come with a free trial to their partner site,, which hosts a wide range of interactive workouts for all fitness types at any experience level. The Bodylastics bands can simulate over 140 workouts, including just about any muscle workout that gym equipment would provide, making them a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys working out even when they’re on vacation – simply throw the bands in your suitcase and access their website from any internet ready device, and you’ll have a gym with you wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

bodylastics-resistance-bandsOf course, as with any exercise program, consult a physician before beginning any exercise program, especially if you’re considering starting a workout program with high-tension bands and/or aren’t used to resistance training.

The Bodylastics systems are available from the manufacturer’s official website, and prices range from $28.95 for the Basic System, to $144.95 for the Super Human Strength system. The kits contain Anti-Snap in varying colors and weights (depending on the system you order), heavy duty foam covered handles, heavy duty ankle straps, heavy duty door anchors, a workout DVD with digital user manual, a Free trial to Liveexercise (length varies depending on system) and a storage/travel bag. Each kit varies slightly, so be sure to review each system’s contents before placing your order.

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