Aero Knife Review

The coveted possession of top chefs and cooks everywhere, a quality knife that effortlessly glides through and releases all types of food is an essential tool in any kitchen. Regardless of your capacity in the kitchen, you understand the value of a good knife and how difficult it can be to find one. This is why the specially designed Aero Knife from is such a refreshing addition to the knife industry.

Aero Knife ReviewPros:

  • Cut outs in blade create less resistance and friction
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Cost significantly less than comparable knives
  • Easy to perform many tasks such as slicing cheeses, breads, meats, and vegetables
  • Make food prep quicker and easier
  • Saves money by allowing you to cut your own foods, instead of buying pre-cut


  • Only comes in one size
  • No knife block or storage container is available

What is the Aero Knife?

The Aero Knife is advertised as an unbelievably light, razor sharp kitchen knife that effortlessly slices through virtually anything. Its special design features strategically cut holes that decrease the knife’s surface area by 60 percent. This unique trait means less friction, which helps it cut more smoothly and prevents food from sticking to its surface.

Still, trusting the declarations of a television sales pitch can be difficult. Most people have swiftly ordered a new, highly promoted product. It is easy to be drawn into exceptional, too good to be true promises, only to be disappointed by the reality of the actual item being a complete con and not living up to its guarantees. So, read on to find out what actual users of the Aero Knife had to say about it and make an informed decision.

Why the Aero Knife?

Anyone who has cut cheese with a traditional knife knows that the cheese adheres to the knife and has to be manually peeled away before another slice can be made. Additionally, slicing cheese, meats or tough veggies with most knives requires you to exert a considerable amount of force, which is quite cumbersome to anyone with arthritis, carpal tunnel or other mobility issues.

However, reviewers could not be more thrilled, because as one person noted, this knife is different; extra pressure or force is not necessary. The knife gently glides through cheese and other foods without the need to pause and peel anything off between slices.

Aero Knife Review

The TV ad for the Aero Knife boasts that it is tough enough to cut through a 2×4 piece of wood. This, of course, was taken as a challenge by some reviewers who put the knife through its paces. One such user commented that he used it in his workshop as an improvised saw, cutting wood, aluminum cans and other ridiculous materials, in attempts to disprove the knife’s claims. After diligently working to dull the blade, he offered it to his wife for routine kitchen use. He was floored when it held up to its claims and sliced delicate tomatoes with no trouble. He added that after this personal demonstration, he was completely sold and has recommended the knife to everyone he knows.

Potential Drawbacks of the Aero Knife

While some users expressed concerns that the Aero Knife only comes in one size, other were quick to contend that the size makes it extremely versatile and functional. A larger blade would have been awkward to operate.

Others were disheartened by the knife’s lack of storage container or knife block, but as a couple of reviewers mentioned, it can easily be stored in the place of another knife that is currently kept in knife block you already own or you can buy a simple knife block or magnetic wall rack that is made for safely storing kitchen knives.

The Bottom Line About the Aero Knife

The Aero Knife delivers on all of its promises. All of the people who ordered the knife report that it performs well when cutting into tough items, like raw meats and vegetables, while easily slicing delicate items, like tomatoes and bread. They further praise it because it costs much less than comparable knives on the market, is easy to use and care for and saves prep and clean up time. Buyers agreed that it is a sound culinary investment and they would highly recommend it.

Although there were a couple of negative aspects mentioned, they were small and did not detract from the knife’s value and none of the reviewers considered them to be deal breakers.

Aero Knife Review

There is one word of warning that we feel compelled to share; when ordering your Aero Knife, do so through their official website. There are a lot of third-party sellers claiming to offer a better deal, but buying from one of them means you will not receive the money back guarantee, free gifts, or security of knowing you will get the real item from a reputable dealer. Be careful and don’t take any unnecessary risks. In the end it is simply not worth it; the couple of dollars you thought you were saving could end up costing you much more.

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