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Grassology Review

I bought a house in the suburbs because I honestly wanted to have a lot of outdoor space for entertaining and my kids. What I didn’t realize, however, was how difficult it would be to maintain my lawn. For a while I tried to keep up with it myself, but it was getting to be a bit much. So, I thought about hiring a landscaping firm. Unfortunately, I got serious sticker shock when I got some estimates, so I tried keeping up with lawn maintenance myself. One day, I was watching television. I saw Bob Vila promoting a product called Grassology. This is a special kind of grass seed that helps homeowners grow a beautiful, green lawn that requires very little maintenance. I ordered the product and was amazed at the difference it made.

What I Like About GrassologyGrassology

What I like about Grassology is that it’s very easy to take care of. It’s tough, so my kids and dogs can run through it without making me nervous. Since it has long roots, it takes care of itself by accessing moisture and nutrition from deep inside the ground.  This means it stays lush and green without requiring a lot of chemical fertilizers. It even stays great-looking in very dry conditions without requiring professional irrigation or constant sprinkling.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of time mowing a Grassology lawn.  Because the seed puts its energy into creating long roots, the grass itself never gets very high. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend mowing the lawn and allows you to spend your free time with your family.

I think the low maintenance aspect of Grassology is really important, particularly for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on lawn care or who are elderly or disabled and can’t do a lot of  landscape maintenance. It’s also a lot more affordable than hiring a professional lawn care service.

Things to Think About

Grassology isn’t some scary genetically modified seed. This means that it’ll take a while for your lawn to come in 100%. You can expect to have full Grassology quality in the second season after planting. You won’t get instant gratification, but you will get a wonderful, low maintenance lawn if you are patient.

Where to Get Grassology

I definitely recommend ordering Grassology online. First of all, they’ll double your order, so you get enough seed to cover 500 square feet of lawn. Secondly, they’ll give you a free Pocket Hose Ultra that you can use to keep your lawn in great shape. Finally, you also get a money back guarantee, just in case.



iRenew Bracelet Review

If you’re like me, you’re suspicious of using medicines and expensive therapies to make yourself feel better. Instead, I like to look for natural solutions to improve my sense of well-being. Recently, I was online and discovered an ad for the iRenew bracelet. It makes use of a patented technology called Selective Frequency Resonance.  Many people swear that it improves their sense of balance, strength and endurance.

I decided to place an order, and I’m glad I did.

What I Like About the iRenew Bracelet

First of all, I love the modern, sporty look of this bracelet. I often get comments on it just because it looks so cool. I’ve worn it iniRenew Bracelet different contexts, including while exercising and going out with friends in the evening. Both men and women can wear this bracelet easily.

Secondly, I like having access to a drug free, noninvasive technology that improves my sense of well-being. I don’t have to worry about allergies, side effects or other risks that accompany drugs and procedures. Also the cost of using the iRenew bracelet is minimal. This means that just about anybody can afford to purchase and use this product.

Things to Think About With the iRenew Bracelet

Of course, the iRenew bracelet isn’t a miracle cure, and you should always see your doctor about any health and medical concerns. In addition, while a lot of people love the sleek look of this bracelet, it only comes in black and silver.  This can sometimes present issues when putting together an outfit. You can of course, wear long sleeves that conceal the bracelet when you feel it’s best to do so.

Where to Get an iRenew Bracelet

I’m honestly not sure if you can buy these bracelets in stores, but  I’d suggest getting yours online. The official website has a special deal going: Buy one and get one free, just pay an extra shipping and handling charge. Also, the website gives you a money back guarantee, in case the bracelets don’t work the way you expected them to. Given that it’s so easy to purchase one of these products,  and the fact that you can take advantage of the guarantee, I’d suggest at least giving the iRenew a try.


Keeping Your Dog Mess Free with Potty Patch

Anyone that owns a dog is likely familiar with this scenario; you come home from work and find that your dog has urinated on the floor or carpet. You can’t expect them to hold it in all day, but you also know that you can’t always get them outside when they need to go. Sometimes inclement weather can even prevent you from taking your dog outside. The Potty Patch is designed to provide dogs with a place to go inside your home without leaving you with a huge mess to clean up. But is it really the solution you’ve been looking for?

The Potty Patch: What Is It?

The Potty Patch is a specially-designed urine receptacle that looks and feels like a real patch of grass. Instead of leaving your dog free to urinate wherever he or she wants in your house or apartment, this product provides a faux patch of the outdoors for dogs to relieve themselves. The idea is that when the dog is stuck inside all day without anyone to let them out, they will choose to go on this patch of fake grass instead of on the carpet or bare floor. It can also be used outdoors on a patio if you live in an upper-level apartment so that you don’t have to traverse down the stairs or in the elevator every time your dog needs to go.

In order to both provide adequate liquid collection while providing a clean, odor-free patch of grass for your dog, the Potty Patch is designed in three parts. The top level is a lush patch of fake, odor-resistant grass that is meant to be soft and comfortable to the touch while also allowing urine to drain below. The second level is a grate that allows urine to flow through while keeping the top layer elevated, dry and free from most odors. The bottom level is the collection plate that is capable of holding up to a gallon of liquid. When the plate is full or when you feel it necessary, you can quickly remove it and empty it out. The grass and plate can also be rinsed clean with soapy water when needed. The product is available in both a small size and a large size so that you can choose one that’s just right for your dog’s breed.

 What I Like About the Potty Patch?

The Potty PatchNo one likes having to clean up unexpected messes in their home, and thankfully the Potty Patch makes situations like that a thing of the past. If your dog is already trained to go potty outside in a grassy area, they will naturally be attracted to this fake-grass receptacle when it’s placed in your home. Basically, when they have a choice of going in what feels like real grass or simply going on the floor, they will choose this product every time. Even if you’re just potty-training your puppy, this product acts as a great aid in showing them where it’s appropriate to go potty and where it isn’t. The real useful thing about the product, however, is that it can be used as a back-up plan if you can’t make it home from work or other extended absences in time to let your dog out to relieve himself. Instead of cleaning up a dirty mess on your carpet or floor, you’ll simply need to remove a tray and dump it out.

One thing that really helps the Potty Patch stand out is that it really does stay surprisingly dry and odor-free. Unlike puppy pads and other competing products, this patch keeps urine out of sight, out of mind, and thankfully, out of your nose. While you should clean it with soap and water every once in a while, the faux grass does stay dry and welcoming for your pets even after they’ve just gone potty. This is because of the three-tier system that keep the top layer of grass and the bottom receptacle of liquid separated at all times. It truly is the next best thing to having your dog potty outside.

Pros and Cons


- Available in sizes for both small and large dogs

- Provides a grass-like area for dogs to comfortably relieve themselves

- Three-tier patch collects urine without leaving a smell or wet mess

- Easy to clean

- Perfect for potty-training puppies

- Holds up to a gallon of liquid


- Feces won’t collect in the receptacle

Potential Drawbacks

Potty Patch

The only real drawback of the Potty Patch is that it is mainly meant for urine and not solid waste. While the easy-to-clean fake turf does resist stains and odor, it has no way of collecting solid waste in the bottom receptacle. As such, if your dog does make solid waste on the patch, you’ll need to pick it up and dispose of it yourself. It is still better to have them do so on the fake grass and not your carpet, however, so this isn’t a big issue.

Final Recommendation

Without a doubt, every dog owner should invest in buying a Potty Patch for their home. You can purchase the Potty Patch online. It keeps your pet happy by giving it a place to go while indoors and it will keep you happy by preventing dirty messes in your home. It can hold a lot and it does so with relatively little odor. If you try it, you will almost certainly love it.

Hammerhead Pick Review

Hammerhead Pick

My son took up playing  the guitar 6 months ago, and if I say so myself, he’s sounding pretty good. There is always room for improvement, though, so we’ve been pushing him to practice more. He was complaining that he wasn’t getting the kind of speed that he wanted  to develop. We figured he’d toughen up and improve over time, but also wanted to keep him from getting discouraged.

One day a family friend told us about the Hammerhead Pick. These were extremely high quality picks made from heavy-duty plastic nylon. They also had a unique attachment on one side that made tapping easy. We got a few sets for our son, and not only did his playing improve, but he’s practicing every chance he gets.

What I Like About the Hammerhead Pick?

The Hammerhead Pick is a unique development in pick design. As you might expect, these pics are durable and come in a range of weights and sizes suitable for different playing styles and personal tastes.

What makes them unique is that you can easily flip the pick over and use it for tapping. As a result, playing speed and fluidity improves. This is particularly encouraging to new players, though experienced musicians also appreciate Hammerhead’s features.

Things to Think AboutHammerhead Pick

Pay attention when ordering your Hammerhead Picks. They come in sets of three, and you have a choice of three gauges, as well as colors. If you are unsure about which gauge to purchase, follow the easy to understand guidelines on the official website. You may even find that buying more than one set is a good idea.


Where to Get the Hammerhead Pick

I strongly suggest purchasing Hammerhead Picks from the official website. I make this suggestion for a couple of reasons. First of all, you get a seven day money back guarantee,  just in case you are not satisfied with the product. In addition, you’ll be offered the option of purchasing a special limited edition Hammerhead Metalhead pick,  designed with an extruded aluminum tip.

The website also has a cool video and helpful information for choosing the right picks for you.


Final Word

If you’re looking for a great gift for a guitarist, or want to improve your musicianship, check out Hammerhead Picks. They’re great picks on their own, but their design can make a huge difference in your performance. Give them a try.


Zipit Bedding Review

I’ve got a couple of grandkids and I love it when they come to stay with me. Still, as much as I enjoy spoiling them, I have some Perfect Candidate for Zipit Beddinghouse rules. That means that they have to make their beds before engaging in any fun activities. Unfortunately, I’ve only got a bunk bed which is admittedly a little hard to negotiate. I find that when they come over I end up  having to help them make their beds so that they look presentable.

I figured that when the kids get older they’ll be better at making their beds, but then a friend of mine told me about Zipit bedding. She originally saw the product on Shark Tank and thought it would be great for when her grandkids come over to stay. It’s essentially an all-in-one hybrid of bed linens and a sleeping bag and it was supposed to make making the bed and changing linens a snap.

I bought two sets for my grandkids, and they love them. Now they’re able to make their beds on their own, and I have no problem stripping their beds when it comes time to wash the linens.

What I Like About the Zipit Bedding

The zip it is an all-in-one bedding solution that consists of a fitted sheet within attached comforter. In addition, the comforter zips up on the sides providing a cozy, warm and secure sleeping environment for children. To make their beds in the morning, all kids have to do is zip up the comforter for a neat, pulled-together bed.

Even better, Zipit comes in all kinds of great patterns and colors so that kids can pick a theme that best matches their personalities and tastes. The fabric even has glow-in-the-dark elements. Plus, there’s a zippered pouch attached to the side of the fitted sheet, so kids can store flashlights, phones and other small items.

Two Beds that will work with the Zipit Bedding

Things to Think About

Like any product, Zipit has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people love the fact that it’s so easy to make and strip the bed with an all-in-one bedding set. The only issue that you might encounter is that the Zipit only comes in two sizes, twin and full. If your kids are in larger beds, they won’t be able to use Zipit.

Where To Get the Zipit Bedding

You can find Zipit online on its own official website. By purchasing online, you get a 30 day money back guarantee along with a free bonus zippered pillowcase that matches your Zipit set.

Final Word

Zipit is one of those products that solves several problems. If you’ve got kids or grandkids, get a couple of sets.  They’ll make life a lot easier for you and reduce both work and conflict. In fact, Zipit is one of those products that has me saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Body Action System

Before I moved out of state, I was part of an MMA-style exercise class at the gym. I loved these high energy workouts, but had to quit once I moved to take a new job. My new town didn’t have any MMA-exercise classes, so I ended up just joining a regular gym. It’s OK, but nothing to write home about, and I missed my old exercise regimen.

Then one day I was watching TV and saw an ad for Bas Rutten’s Body Action System. This was an interactive, padded stand that I could use to practice my MMA kicks and punches. Even better, it was easy to store and move around. I love it!

What Is the Body Action System?Body Action System

The Body Action System was designed by MMA champ Bas Rutten to allow home fitness enthusiasts access to pro-style training equipment. Unlike standard punching bags and similar devices, the Body Action System is an exercise stand that is lightweight, interactive and easy to work with. Practice your kicks and punches directly on the stand, getting an incredible workout at the same time.

Plus, you’ll get an instructional DVD showing you a basic workout, as well as the option to buy additional DVD workouts that cover several different styles.

What I Like About the Body Action System

  • Designed to absorb the shock of high-impact moves, reducing stress on your joints.
  • Fully adjustable. One machine will suit every member of your household, tall or short.
  • Folds up quickly and can be easily stored in my closet.
  • The optional DVDs let me vary my workout so they stay fresh and fun.Body Action System

Things to Think About

Like any exercise program, there are some people who might not be able to use this system. Talk to your doctor before purchasing this or any other exercise program. Also, this is strictly an MMA workout stand. No weights or resistance, which is sometimes important to people.

Where to Get Your Body Action System

Try the official website. You’ll get to check out several videos showing the system in action. This can give you an idea as to whether this program is for you. You can select the stand that you want, along with any additional workout DVDs that are compatible with the system. You’ll also get a 90-day parts guarantee and, if you pay with PayPal, you may be entitled to use the Bill Me Later program. This program allows you to pay for your Body Action System over six months, with no interest charges!

Final Word

If you’ve been watching videos of MMA/boxing workouts and have been thinking that that you’d like to give them a try, what are you waiting for? The Body Action System allows you to choose a stand that suits your needs while also offering your choice of workouts.

Tomato Factory Review

Tomato Factory

Nothing compares to a fresh, vine ripened tomato. It’s low in calories, high in flavonoids and adds an incredible amount of flavor to all kinds of dishes. If you enjoy this cooking with tomatoes, but despair at the high prices and poor quality of supermarket varieties, look into getting a Tomato Factory. It’s a planter that allows you to easily grow pre-seeded tomato plants right on your porch or patio.

What I Like About Tomato Factory

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to harvest an abundance of fresh, delicious tomatoes with the Tomato Factory. I don’tTomato Factory have to worry about fertilizer or weeding my tomato plants. I also appreciate the convenience of being able to go out and pick tomatoes when I need them. In addition, I also have the option of harvesting tomatoes when they are green so that I can make green tomato pickles. In addition, our kids are learning responsibility by helping me tend to the plants and harvesting the fruit. Plus, we save a lot of money over buying fresh tomatoes app store.

Another thing that’s really cool about Tomato Factory is that I’m assured that the tomatoes we grow our being sprayed with chemicals during the growing process. I’m completely in charge of the plants during the entire growth cycle. Organic tomatoes can be pricey, so these are great alternative.

Things to Think About

Now I don’t want you to think that the tomato factory does all the work for you. While it’s designed to help you easily grow tomatoes using pre-seeded pots, you’re still responsible for making sure that the tomato factory is outdoors in a place where it won’t freeze and where it can get enough sunlight. Also, keep in mind that you won’t be harvesting tomatoes immediately after receiving your package. You still have to grow the tomatoes before you can enjoy the harvest.

Where to Get a Tomato Factory

Check out the official website for what may be your best deal. In addition to getting a 30 day money back guarantee, the official site has a special bonus offer. By the tomato factory and for the cost of shipping and handling, you’ll get 3 “bushelmaker” tomato plants to get started with. It’s a good deal and you’ll soon be able to save money and enjoy incredibly fresh tomatoes that you grow yourself.

Meyer Lemon Tree Review

Have you ever tried a Meyer lemon? They are some of the most delicious lemons you’ve ever tasted: Sweeter than ordinary lemons, they have an incredible flavor that ordinary lemons can’t touch. The trouble is that Meyer lemons can be hard to find in stores and when you can find them, they’re often more expensive.  Still, I’ve always had a soft spot for these delicious fruits and went ahead and paid extra for them. . .until something happened.

Meyer Lemon Tree

I visited a friend one day and when she asked me if I’d like some lemon in my iced tea, she walked into her living room and came back with a fresh lemon. I asked her why she kept her lemons in her living room and she laughed. She motioned for me to go have a look so I did: Right there in her living room was a lemon tree! I couldn’t believe it. She told me that it was a Meyer Lemon Tree and that she could grow her own lemons! Naturally, I went home and ordered one for myself. I love it!

What I Like About the Meyer Lemon Tree

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I love having access to Meyer lemons without having to go to the store. In addition, I know that the lemons are perfectly fresh (I can taste the difference) and that they’ve been grown without dangerous chemical sprays. Also, the lemon tree is beautiful and even its blossoms smell great.

Having an abundance of lemons has also made a huge difference in my cooking: I’m constantly experimenting with lemons and trying to create new dishes. The wonderful thing about lemons is that they go with just about everything: Meats, fish, chicken, veggies and desserts. The lemons are also wonderful in drinks and cocktails.

Things To Think About

You can’t just expect the Meyer Lemon Tree to produce lemons for you without some work on your part. You’ll have to make sure that you take care of the tree and keep it watered. Of course, the tree won’t be delivered to you with fruit on it either: But remember, good things come to those who wait. Take care of your tree and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful, delicious lemons that you’ve grown yourself.


Where to Get a Meyer Lemon Tree

You can order a Meyer Lemon Tree online through its official website. You’ll get the security of a 30 day money back guarantee and they’ll even double your order by sending you an additional tree for the cost of shipping and processing.

Final Recommendation

This tree is so beautiful that I’d recommend getting one even if you don’t use a lot of lemons (give your extras away to neighbors and friends). It’s a beautiful addition to your patio or your living room and it supplies you with delicious Mayer Lemons, meaning that it does double-duty. Place an order and see how it works for you.

Slap Chop Review

Home cooking is great but time-consuming. Sure, you can use gadgets such as food processors, but they are bulky, hard to clean and use electricity. Still, I enjoy making salads and sauces at home, so I just sucked up the inconvenience and used my knives and food processors when I felt like cooking.

Fortunately, a friend bought me a Slap Chop for Christmas, and now I’m hooked! I’m cooking more than ever, making healthy, delicious food for me and my family.

Want to get the best deal on SlapChop right now direct from the official site?

How Slap Chop WorksSlap Chop Buy One Get One

Slap Chop is a self-contained food chopper. Just place food on a cutting board, “slap” the Slap chop on top and push the top lever down several times. SlapChop’s blades will chop and dice your food. For fine pieces, just continue chopping the food.

Best of all, Slap Chop is super easy to clean. While there are similar gadgets on the market, they are very hard to keep clean because their blades are completely enclosed. Slap Chop opens at the top, exposing the blades for thorough washing. This helps reduce the transfer of scents and tastes from one food to the next and also reduces the risk of food-borne illnesses.

What is Slap Chop Good For?

Slap Chop is great for chopping and dicing fruits, vegetables, cheeses and nuts. Even people who don’t have mad knife skills can create beautiful sauces, soups, salads and omelets

Even better, Slap chop can save you money that’s often spent on convenience foods. For example, it’s easy to mix up a tuna or egg salad by dicing up the solid ingredients together, scooping into a bowl, and then adding some mayo and/or mustard. Ice cream stores rip you off by charging as much as a dollar for toppings: With Slap chop, you can chop your own nuts and fruits to be used as toppings. Don’t even get me started on the incredible salsa that you can make!

I also like Slap chop because it is pretty safe to use: The blades are enclosed so I’m less likely to get cut. You also don’t need electricity to use Slap chop, unlike a food processor, so Slap chop can be used anywhere: Even outdoors while camping!

Other Slap Chop Info

Are there any downsides to using Slap chop? Well, it’s mainly designed for chopping and dicing, so if you need precision cutting, you’ll have to use a knife or another kind of slicer. Also, it only works on a limited amount of food at any one time: If you have mountains of chopping or dicing to do, you’ll have to allow for extra preparation time.

Where to Order

If you order your Slap chop online, you’ll be able to get some special bonuses, such as a free Graty, a self-contained cheese grater that saves you money and hassle by letting you grate cheese and store it in the same container. They’ll also double your order if you pay an extra shipping fee. This is a great option if you want to give a Slapchop and Graty as a gift, or if you do a lot of cooking and need two devices at the same time.

Slap Chop

Final Word

If you like to cook from scratch but don’t have the time to do a lot of chopping and dicing, check out the Slap chop. It’s much easier to clean than other devices and super-simple to use.

Dutch Glow

Growing up, I remember my grandmother always struggling to keep her wood floors, cabinets and furniture clean. Things could get really messy in the kitchen as the wooden cabinets would accumulate grime and grease from cooking, although keeping the floors and end tables clean and dusted were likewise big challenges.

When it came time to buy a home for myself, I opted for hardwood floors, knowing full-well that I’d have to spend a lot of time keeping them clean. It’s incredibly frustrating, but I love the look of my floors, so I just kept cleaning them, though it seemed as that the time needed between each wax kept getting shorter.

I complained about this once to a friend, who told me about this different kind of wood treatment called Dutch Glow. It’s based on an Amish secret for taking care of wood. I couldn’t believe how well it worked: It’s not a wax, in fact, it can remove sticky layers of wax and silicone (along with all the dirt they attract), leaving your wood with an incredible shine.

Dutch Glow Perks

Here are the things I like about Dutch Glow:Dutch Glow

  • Spray bottle makes Dutch Glow easy to apply.

  • No wax or silicone build-up or residue.

  • No sticky residue means that your wood surfaces and furniture no longer attract dust.

  • Dutch Glow protects wood and results in a lovely, natural shine.

The only issue with the product is that it can’t be used on other surfaces, it’s formulated for wood only. You’ll need other cleaners for other household tasks.

Where to Find Dutch Glow

The official website for Dutch Glow offers a good deal: A 30 day money-back guarantee, along with an extra bottle of Dutch Glow and a polishing cloth – all for just an additional shipping and handling charge. There’s also a slight difference between the two bottles: The first bottle has a spray top, while the second is a squeeze top that’s suitable for applying to the product to floors.

Final Recommendation

Having wood floors and furniture doesn’t have to mean spending hours each week cleaning, or living with dust. . .Dutch Glow allows you to quickly and easily clean and protect your wood furnishings. Give it a try and see how it stacks up to the products you’ve been using.